Super Serious November Photos

Our November show was a memorable one, indeed. Chris Hardwick took the reigns and we were off to a fun night. Gafrunkel & Oates and Weird Al Yankovic treated us to a surprise set, performing 3 songs and blowing people's minds. Chris Kattan did an oddball and fun surprise drop-in set, too. We also had killer performances from Sarah Tiana, Greg Behrendt and Drennon Davis. There were also three fun shorts from Lauren Palmigiano. Thanks again to our great crowd for staying for the long haul even when the drinks ran out. We're always lucky to have such a great turnout.

Check out our photos from our awesome photographer, Rebecca Rotenberg, at her site: And more Super Serious photos at our Flickr Page!

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The Super Serious Show with Jimmy Pardo

*Photo by Rebecca Adler RotenbergWe're ending the year with a bang...and cliches apparently. One of the best and one of our favorite comedians around, Jimmy Pardo is heading up our December 15th show at Smashbox. The master of off-the-cuff riffing, Pardo's comedy is full of force and charm. And he's back for a return visit to the Super Serious Show.

Pardo continues to work the comedy masses, touring nationally and serving as the opening act for Conan O'Brien's live talk show tapings. Pardo also brings comedy to directly to the people with his weekly and much heraled podcast, Never Not Funny. He also recorded two comedy albums, Uno and Pompous Clown.

For more Pardo, check-out his Super Serious Show portraits.

For even more Pardo, check-out his site:

This month's show will serve as a benefit for OPCC ( OPCC is a great organization that does a ton for local familes. In addition to the ticket price help, we'll be having a clothing drive. Bring those extra clothes and help out!

Grab your tickets for the December 15th show now before you miss out.

Super Serious October Photos

We had an insanely fun time at the October show headed up by T.J. Miller, who brings screwing around to an artistic level. Great performances by Miller, Amy Schumer, Matt Knudsen, Garfunkel & Oates and Alex Fernie & Alex Berg. The super talented director Jason Woliner treated us to a sweet sneak preview of a Season 2 Eagleheart episode, too. Thanks to everyone who made it out!

Check out our photos from photographer supreme, Rebecca Rotenberg, at her site: And more Super Serious photos at our Flickr Page!


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Comedy In The Mix: Drennon Davis

Drennon Davis is bringing his offbeat and fun comedy to this month’s Super Serious Show. November 17th at Smashbox Studios Culver City. Davis is one of the more imaginative and creative comedians working today. His unconventional act can have him singing original tunes with his ukulele to performing as a range of inventive and hilarious characters. Davis is definitely one of our favorite wacky characters and we’re certain that he will be yours too.

You may recognize Davis from season 6 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing or from his semi-regular show, The Imaginiary Radio Program, at The Nerdist Theater, located in the back of Meltdown Comics in Hollywood. The show has quickly become a favorite amongst comedy nerds and non-nerds alike. He also can be seen performing at a range of venues in the Los Angeles area.

Please reschedule your dinner plans and business meetings accordingly because you really don’t want to miss this.

You can nab your tickets here. We wouldn't lie about it. Seriously.

Comedy Goodness Courtesy of Greg Behrendt

*Photo by Mike CaranoGet excited because comedian Greg Behrendt will be taking the stage at the November Super Serious Show! Behrendt’s performances are always jam packed with energy and charisma. Along with being one of the best comedians working today, Behrendt brings a fun perspective on romantic and familial relationships to his performances.

After working as a consultant on HBO’s Sex in the City for three consecutive seasons, Behrendt went on to co-author the best selling self-help book He's Just Not That Into You, which later was turned into the feature film of the same name. This success led to his own daily daytime talk show, The Greg Behrendt Show, for Sony Pictures Television as well as countless television appearances. As a stand-up comedian, he has been seen on HBO, The Tonight Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and numerous Comedy Central appearances.

Behrendt also hosts Walking The Room, the popular weekly comedy podcast with his comedian buddy, Dave Anthony.

I personally can’t wait to ask him about the guy I’ve been seeing. He’s just been acting so weird lately. WHY WON’T HE CALL ME? WHY GREG? WHY? ...Sorry, Greg.

Grab tickets here to see Behrendt and the rest at the November 17th show.

Matt Knudsen: Clever with a K

We are excited to announce that comedian and actor Matt Knudsen will be taking the Smashbox Studios stage at this month’s Super Serious Show! Knudsen’s comedy is full of clever and amusing observations coupled with a hilariously dry delivery. Knudsen puts things simply and that’s why we love him.

As a stand-up, Knudsen has performed at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal as well as on CBS’s The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. The success of Knudsen’s stand-up career has led to a blossoming career in film and television. Knudsen’s television credits include memorable roles on HBO’s Big Love, Boston Legal and Malcolm in the Middle. He also contributed his voice-over work to the Cartoon Network live action series, Out of Jimmy’s Head. Additionally, you can see him in the upcoming movie, Gangster Squad, with Sean Penn and Ryan Gosling. This will be in theaters next year!

Grab tickets for the Oct. 20th show here.

Garfunkel & Oates: Back For More

Garfunkel & Oates, one of our favorite musical comedy duos returns to Super Serious this month. Back for more laughs and music at Smashbox Studios. The mischievous partners-in-crime, Kate Miccuci and Riki Lindhome bring guaranteed fun to the proceedings anytime they step on stage.

The ladies continue to gain fans from all over, touring nation wide and even going global, too. They're a seemingly never ending source of great comedy, with new songs and videos released onto the world at a regular clip. They recently released their 2nd album, All Over Your Face, full of sweet and silly songs sure to get stuck in your head at any given moment.

Be sure to check-out Riki's very cool weekly podcast, Making It. The show is part of Chris Hardwick's ever growing Nerdist Industries podcast network.

You can catch up on more Garfunkel & Oates at their Super Serious Show page or their site,

Grab tickets for the October 20th show with Garfunkel & Oates.

Check-out this recent fun song and video they did with the always awesome, David Wain.

Video Mandess From Jake Szymanski

This Thursday at Super Serious, we're excited to screen some crazy fun short films from awesome writer/director Jake Szmanski. It's long overdue sharing some sweet videos from one of our favorite Funny or Die friends. He's a character in real life and his films are always some of the crazier fun ones you'll come across. Some more info on Jake:

Jake Szymanski, as a child, went around mixing up various liquids with sticks and dirt in Ziplock bags to create "potions". This habit was put to an end when his father caught him trying to add his own pee to dirty bag in the middle of the kitchen. Since then he has felt very lucky to work and create at UCBLA, Saturday Night Live, and

Grab your tickets now for the show Thursday, August 18th show at Smashbox Studios.

Super Serious July Photos

Our 1-year anniversary show was packed to the walls with a great audience and stellar performances. You can check-out the photos from the show on Flickr or below in the handy-dandy slide show. Thanks again to Greg Proops, The Sklar Brothers, Johnny Pemberton, Melissa Villasenor, Kirk Zipfel and Josh Fadem. We also saw some great short frilms from Royal Mutt. A truly great way to celebrate a year of comedy and randomness at Smashbox Studios.

Check out our photos from Rebecca Rotenberg and more at our Flickr Page!


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The Super Serious Show with Jonah Ray

Photo by Robyn Von Swank - www.vonswank.comThe passionate, funny and wily Jonah Ray is headlining and hosting the August Super Serious Show. The show is Thursday, August 18th, at Smashbox Studios. Ray is prolific comedian these days, working on numerous projects - always bringing a super smart and brilliant off-the-cuff sensibilities to his live performances and various projects.

Originally from Hawaii, Ray moved to Los Angeles to kick-start his entertainment path. Ray is a co-host of the free flowing and wildly popular Nerdist podcast (co-hosted by Chris Hardwick and Matt Mira, as well). Ray has both writing and performing credits for numerous shows including Human Giant, SuperNews!, Attack of The Show, Live At Gotham and Web Soup. Ray is also a leading performer in Los Angeles, helping co-host and run the insanely cool weekly gathering at Metldown Comics, aptly named The Meltdown Show (featured on Last Call with Carson Daly).

We’re pumped to get a little slice of cool when Jonah Ray comes to lead the way at the August Super Serious Show. Grab your tickets for the August 18th show.

Comedy & Apologies From Royal Mutt

*Click on Image for Larger ViewWe're screening some very important and serious short films from the Royal Mutt media collective at tomorrow night's show. Eric Nigg (Super Serious alum), Matthew Olson and Mitch Hansen form this filmed sketch comedy collective. On top of being valueable members of society for over seven years, the group gained acclaim through film festival screenings, including the Festival de Cannes. They'v also participated in the comedy economy by developing content for Panasonic, Fuse TV, a Superbowl commercial for Career and a half hour pilot script for the FX network. Learn more about their work at

Also, the group submitted the attached letter in connection to their role in tomorrow night's show.

Pimping the Shrimp

We are excited to have the amazing Shrimp Pimp at The Super Serious Show tomorrow night.

Using the freshest and highest grade sustainable shrimp, seafood and sashimi-grade tuna the Shrimp Pimp severs some of the best street food to be found in Los Angeles. The menu includes fresh Sashimi Tuna Tacos, Shrimp & Chips, Po Boys, Drunken Shrimp Tacos, Greek Shrimp Sandwiches and the amazing Frylander.

The pimp, Neil Macleod, is a former New York City restaurateur who learned the seafood trade inside and out while working at the premier New York City seafood purveyor, Wild Edibles. Macleod’s wife Chandra, is also a seafood trade veteran, procuring and marketing seafood worldwide for the past 20 years.

With Neil’s restaurant experience, Chandra’s seafood experience and their undying passion for cooking, Shrimp Pimp is a perfect fit all the way around.

Make sure to show up early at Smashbox Studios to get some amazing eats to go with your Ginger Saison beer from Eagle Rock Brewery.

Leaving A Good Impression: Melissa Villasenor

Melissa Villasenor, a supremely talented, young and upcoming comedian and impressionist, will be on this week’s Super Serious Show and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Villesnor started performing stand-up at the age 15 and has since made a name for herself as a specialist of celebrity impressions. Villesenor’s charming personality helps make her frighteningly good impressions never seem mean, but silly and light-hearted.

Recently, Villasenor performed on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where she wowed the judges and audience with her spot-on impressions of Barbara Walters, Natalie Portman, Miley Cyrus, Kathie Griffin and Christina Aguilera. Villasenor’s impression of Aguilera belting out a tune also exemplified her talent as both a comedian and a vocalist. She definitely has some pipes. Additionally, Villasenor can be seen on NuvoTV’s original comedy series, Latino 101. She can be seen performing at venues in Los Angeles such as the Comedy Store and the Hollywood Improv. One thing is certain, expect big things for this young super star.

Click here for tickets to see Melissa & the rest of The Super Serious Show at Smashbox Studios - Thursday, July 21st.

Wham-Bam Comedy From The Sklar Brothers

Back for more, The Sklar Brothers return to Super Serious for another round of awesome comedy and fun. They kicked off 2011 by headlining our our January show. Many hearts and minds were won. Randy and Jason Sklar have been busy building a giant podcast following thanks to their sweet weekly Sklarbro Country brought to you by the Earwolf comedy podcast network . The duo have brought their high-energy and super smart and silly comedy to audiences nationwide. Bringing their one-of-a-kind stand-up to the streets...or at least comedy clubs located near those streets. The Sklars are two of the best guys working in comedy today. We're excited o have them back at Super Serious.

You never know, this month's Super Serious Show at Smashbox Studios might feature one or two "Henderson!" shouts, too. Thursday, July 21st...find out.

Grab your tickets here.

The Super Serious Show with Greg Proops

Prepare to let loose and let the fun wash over at The Super Serious Show this month. The off-the-cuff master comedian Greg Proops is headlining and hosting the 1-year anniversary Super Serious Show. Thursday, July 21st at Smashbox Studios, Proops will be bringing his playfully obscure and engaging comedy to the Culver City masses…or mini-masses. Proops’ comedy dances between topics and styles, always bringing a healthy dose of wit and charm to the proceedings.

Proops hails from San Francisco and now resides in Hollywood. Proops made a mark as an improv comedy all-star, as a cast member of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Hosted by Drew Carey. Proops is also a regular on the popular British version of the show. Proops’s numerous television appearances also include The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Chelsea Lately and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Proops also appeared on Flight of The Conchords.

Proops is a frequent live performer, hosting shows nationwide, performing stand-up and participating in improv shows. Proops’s two stand-out stand-up albums are Elsewhere and Proops Digs In!

Proops also currently hosts a semi-regular one-man runaway train comedy podcast, The Smartest Man In The World.

Grab tickets for July’s Super Serious Show and your chance to catch the Proops comedy storm.

Super Serious June Photos

Summer started off with a bang at our June show. A ton of fun performances from Natasha Leggero, Greg Fitzsimmons, Rob Delaney, Paul Scheer, Andrew Donnelly and Keilly & Roeters. Plus, we caught three funny videos from up-and-coming director, Eric Appel. It was a blast thanks to our kick-ass crowd who was game for it all.

Check out our photos from Rebecca Rotenberg and more at our Flickr Page!


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In case you missed it, you can check-out the May photos here.

Greg Fitzsimmons: Master of The Comedy Brouhaha

We’re pumped to announce the addition of the great Greg Fitzsimmons to our June lineup. Fitzsimmons is one of the most riveting and engaging comedians working today. He packs a punch with his smart biting comedy on and off the stage. Fitzsimmons is a stand-up with a ton other skills – writing, hosting and producing numerous projects. Fitzsimmons is known for his popular radio show on Howard Stern’s Sirius/XM Channel and the equally popular weekly podcast, FITZDOG Radio.

Fitzsimmons headlines as a stand-up nationwide and as numerous television appearances. His appearances include Late Show With David Letterman, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Chelsea Lately, John Oliver’s New York Stand-up Show and two Comedy Central specials. Greg Fitzsimmons writing credits are a plenty, including stints writing for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, HBO’s Lucky Louie, Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher and The Man Show.

It’s a true treat to have Greg Fitzsimmons join The Super Serious Show this Thursday. Grab your tickets now for the June 16th show at Smashbox Studios.

Keilly & Roeters: Double The Fun

The dynamic comedy duo, Keilly & Roeters, will be performing this Thursday at Smashbox Studios. Suzanne Keilly and Kirsten Roeters will be bringing loads of energy and variety to Super Serious. There’s a lot going on at a Keilly & Roeters show. They’re skilled improvisers, songwriters, filmmakers and magicians, to boot. They bring it all to the show, wrapped in a fun charming bow.

Keilly and Roeters are a writing and performing team at heart. Both Keilly and Roeters are skilled actresses at the core. They started out on their comedy path at The Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles, meeting and beginning to perform together. They have been touring nationwide since. Their honors include receiving “Best of The Fest” by Time Out Chicago, NOW Toronto voting them one of the Top Ten Comedy Acts and winning the Grand Prix award at the Paris Trest Courts Festival.

These are two of the most charming and funny performers working today. Catch the Keilly & Roeters goodnesss this Thursday at Super Serious.

Andrew Donnelly: Off-Kilter Comedy

This Thursday, comedian Andrew Donnelly, will be performing at the show. Andrew Donnelly is one of our favorite under-the-radar comedians. Donnelly is a stand-up, writer and actor. His comedy is comes to life with his off-kilter approach to topics, a great sense of the moment and a fearlessness to embrace the setting and the crowd, no matter the circumenstance. Donnelly is a skilled off-the-cuff performer, always ready with a slew of hilarious tangents. Donnelly has numerous television appearances, including The Office, Late Friday, Premium Blend, The Late Late Show, The Life & Times of Tim and Important Things with Demetri Martin. He’s also appeared at numerous festivals, including Just For Laughs Montreal and the HBO Aspen Comedy festival.

Enjoy the comedy goodness of Andrew Donnelly this Thursday. Grab tickets for the Super Serious Show at Smashbox Studios.

The Bold & The Brutal: Rob Delaney

Photo by Liezl - www.heyitsliezl.comYou are in for a treat– Rob Delaney is in the lineup for our first Summer show - June 16th! Delaney is a Los Angeles based comedian and writer. Audiences can see Delaney perform all over town. Most notably, he is a frequent performer at UCB Theatre. At the theatre, Delaney hosts a popular monthly variety show with his comedian pal, Dave Holmes. Delaney’s brutally honest, yet self-aware, sense of humor makes him an exciting performer to watch. Additionally, you may know Delaney from Twitter, where he, has not only distinguished himself as a champion of tweeting, but has also brought a new smarter meaning to the art of the dick joke.

Recently, Rob Delaney was given his own weekly column for VICE magazine: "Take a Stroll…With Rob Delaney." Topics range from wetting the bed to counseling a lady on her female parts. Delaney’s hilarious and awesome introduction piece for VICE is a great starting off point for Delaney's comedy and his Vice columns.

Also, in case you haven’t seen in it, check out Delaney’s surreal and comedic web series Coma, Period on Strike TV about a man in a coma who trapped inside his own mind. We are super seriously excited to have Rob Delaney on our show this month. Now it's your turn, whether you're a dick joke aficionado or just a dick head, to get excited for Delaney at The Super Serious Show.

Check-out Delaney for yourself at Smashbox this month. Grab tickets here.

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