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Comedy & Apologies From Royal Mutt

*Click on Image for Larger ViewWe're screening some very important and serious short films from the Royal Mutt media collective at tomorrow night's show. Eric Nigg (Super Serious alum), Matthew Olson and Mitch Hansen form this filmed sketch comedy collective. On top of being valueable members of society for over seven years, the group gained acclaim through film festival screenings, including the Festival de Cannes. They'v also participated in the comedy economy by developing content for Panasonic, Fuse TV, a Superbowl commercial for Career and a half hour pilot script for the FX network. Learn more about their work at

Also, the group submitted the attached letter in connection to their role in tomorrow night's show.

Super Serious October Photos

October Super Serious one of our more off-beat and fun nights yet.  As always, we had a great crowd and amazing performances at Smashbox Studios. Great performances by Brent Weinbach, Chris D'Elia, Eric Nigg, Slow Children Crossing and the troubled Bob Ducca (Seth Morris). We started the show off with a great video from Shawn Carlow, as well. Definitely a memorable night for all who attended. Here are some great photographs from Rebecca Adler Rotenberg.  See these and more at our Flickr page!


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Eric Nigg Will Mess With Your Head

Shhhh...listen closely...and comedian Eric Nigg will most likely mess with your head. Don't worry, it's a good thing. You'll like it. Just trust us. One of our favorite young comedians, Eric Nigg is slyly smart and playful stand-up and comedic actor.

A Minnesota native and recent Los Angeles transplant, Nigg story goes he was born on a farm and then got bored. At age 16 he wrote and produced his own comedy show, successfully selling out the local town theater.

In addition to his stand-up and acting skills, Nigg achieved success with a slew of well-received short films. In 2008, Eric garnered international attention from his short film, Birthmarked For Death, as a co-writer and lead actor.  Shortly after a standing ovation at the Miami International Film Festival, it was selected to screen at the 2009 Festival De Cannes.  Nigg was invited back to Cannes in 2010 with his second short, The Grave Review.

Nationally, Nigg is a recognized writer on the Emmy Nominated Flak Radio podcast. also awarded Nigg the Grand Prize for his 2010 Super Bowl commercial submission. Unfortunately CBS had no sense of humor and banned the commercial. He is also a recent graduate of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.

You can let Eric Nigg mess with your head this Thursday at Smashbox Studios. Should be fun.

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