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Super Serious October Photos

October Super Serious one of our more off-beat and fun nights yet.  As always, we had a great crowd and amazing performances at Smashbox Studios. Great performances by Brent Weinbach, Chris D'Elia, Eric Nigg, Slow Children Crossing and the troubled Bob Ducca (Seth Morris). We started the show off with a great video from Shawn Carlow, as well. Definitely a memorable night for all who attended. Here are some great photographs from Rebecca Adler Rotenberg.  See these and more at our Flickr page!


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Chris D'Elia Doesn't Give a Damn

There's a super charged force coming to Super Serious this week at Smashbox Studios. Get ready - Stand-up Chis D'Elia is going to bring the laughs and probably not give a damn what you think about it.

D'Elia is a stand-up specializing in doing the unexpected on stage, no matter what anyone thinks. D'Elia's natural charm lets him get away with creating some truly genuine and outlandish moments on stage and with the auidence. A joint venture of charisma and obnoxiousness, D'Elia is a favorite at comedy clubs nationwide. He always brings energy and a clever take on a never-ending range of topics. D'Elia has appeared on Showtimes' Live Nude Comedy, Comedy Central's Live at Gotham and has a Comedy Central Presents special coming out in 2011. D'Elia also appears in the upcoming TBS comedy, Glory Daze.

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