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Kyle Kinane: A Man of Mirth

Photo by Morten SkovgaardBest news ever! Kyle Kinane is in the lineup for this month’s Super Serious Show! Kinane is the real deal when it comes to comedians. In 2010, Kinane was named by Variety one of the 10 Comics to Watch and released his debut comedy album, Death of the Party, for A Special Thing Records. Since then, he continues to bring it in the comedy realm, including a Comedy Central Presents half hour special as well as an appearance on Conan. Kinane's other TV appearances include Last Call with Carson Daly and Live at Gotham.

According to an interview with the A.V. Club, Kinane just finished working on a Comedy Central television pilot with Matt Braunger, another Super Serious friend. So, we have our fingers crossed for the show making to the light of day. We're excited for the possibility of even more of these awesome guys.

Kinane is the kind of comedian you watch and then want to invite to your home for a beer. His cool and laidback on-stage presence never seems contrived. On the contrary, he is extremely relatable and hilarious, even when describing himself in the most self-loathing way. On top of all this, Kinane is one of the best comedic storytellers out there. We are pumped to see Kinane next Thursday and you should be too.

Grab your tickets now for the September 15th show.

Comedy Goodness: Michael Palascak

Comedian Michael Palascak is in the lineup for the August 18th Super Serious Show! Please applaud and then sit back down. Thank you. Palascak is one of the funniest young performers working today.

Palascak’s childish and playful tales of living with his parents and working a shitty job is what makes this gentleman funny and relatable to any audience. It’s hard not to love him. Just his gawky stage presence and innocent speaking voice alone will have you giggling. He is like a little big kid turned comedian.

Palascak has made television appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham. Additionally, he performed at the Just For Laugh festival in Chicago, Ceasar’s Palace for the Las Vegas Comedy Festival and was named the winner of HBO’s Lucky 21 Stand-up competition. He can also be seen performing at clubs and colleges all over the country…so don’t you worry. We, personally, can’t wait to ask him if he is still living with his parents.

Grab your tickets early to save some cash - Thursday, August 18th at Smashbox Studios!

Ryan Sickler Cuts To The Chase

It's been a long time coming but Ryan Sickler is finally headed to Super Serious this week. We can't wait. Sickler is one of the best straight-to-it smart-ass comedians working today. Sickler’s comedy throws caution to the wind – he’s just as comfortable getting down and dirty with the rougher crowds as he is messing with the cool kids' assumptions.

A Baltimore native, Sickler moved to Los Angeles to begin his comedy career. He now tours nationally as an Improv regular. While on the road, he often performs with the biggest names in comedy. Sickler is a regular on Fox Sports "Cubed" online series and a frequent contributor to Fuel TV. His television appearances include Comedy Central’s Cutman, Live At Gotham and The Late Late Show.

Catch Sickler’s cutting edge comedy this Thursday at Smashbox Studios. Grab your tickets.

Stacked Comedy: Baron Vaughn

Multi-talented performer, Baron Vaughn is sneaking the funny into Smashbox Studios this week for The Super Serious Show.

Vaughn's a classically trained actor with writing and music chops to boot, while also excelling at comedy, making a name for himself in recent years touring nationwide as a stand-up comedian. Vaughn's performances are always self-reflective and inspired, while always tackling a great variety of subject matter. Vaughn has a spark on stage, never shying away from going off script for the laughs.

Hailing from Las Vegas, Vaughn started his comedy career in the Boston area. He now splits time between New York City and Los Angeles.

Vaughn appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Live at Gotham, Russell Simmons Presents: Stand-up at the El Rey. Baron Vaughn was also a featured performer in the stand-out Comedy Central documentary/comedy special, The Awkward Comedy Show.

Vaughn often performs at festivals nationwide, including the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival, DC Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Vancouver Comedy Festival, and the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Vaughn will be showing off his acting skills in the upcoming USA Network drama, Fairly Legal.


The Super Serious Show with Iliza Shlesinger

Watch out! Iliza is heading our way this month. High-energy  big-time comedian, Iliza Shlesinger is charging through Smashbox Studios Thursday 12/16 for the holiday episode of Super Serious.

One of our favorite comedians of the past few years, Shlesinger is pretty much a sure thing, always bringing it to audiences. Plus, she's "good people." Bonus.

The fun of Shlesinger's comedy is its great variety. She freely jumps from topic to topic, often off-the-cuff and always packing a punch with super stage energy.

Shlesinger currently resides in Los Angeles. She was the winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing Season 6. She is the first female and youngest comedian to hold the title of Last Comic Standing.

Her television credits include having her own half hour special on Comedy Central Presents, Comedy Central’s Live At Gotham, Showtime's Pauly Shore & Friends and Bridging The Gap Comedy Special, E! Network’s Chelsea Lately, E!'s The Soup and NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly.

She performed at the coveted Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and for the troops all over the world. Most weekends, you can find Shlesinger headlining at variety of colleges and clubs across the country.

When not wreaking havoc on stage, Shlesinger hosts her own hit web series The Weakly News with Iliza on

Brave the funny and find out for yourself what makes Iliza Shlesinger tick, Thursday 12/16 at Super Serious.

Chris D'Elia Doesn't Give a Damn

There's a super charged force coming to Super Serious this week at Smashbox Studios. Get ready - Stand-up Chis D'Elia is going to bring the laughs and probably not give a damn what you think about it.

D'Elia is a stand-up specializing in doing the unexpected on stage, no matter what anyone thinks. D'Elia's natural charm lets him get away with creating some truly genuine and outlandish moments on stage and with the auidence. A joint venture of charisma and obnoxiousness, D'Elia is a favorite at comedy clubs nationwide. He always brings energy and a clever take on a never-ending range of topics. D'Elia has appeared on Showtimes' Live Nude Comedy, Comedy Central's Live at Gotham and has a Comedy Central Presents special coming out in 2011. D'Elia also appears in the upcoming TBS comedy, Glory Daze.

Know Your Comedian: Tom Segura

Tom Segura is a comedian, I mean like a real comedian. No faking the funk over here. Always funny and always armed with a slew of new takes on his life and the stupidity in the world, Tom deftly mixes high and low brow topics. I'm pretty sure he doesn't want you to think too highly of him but Tom is one of the most respected comedians working today. Check him out at the August show.

He's usually off touring the nation at clubs and festivals. It's a real treat to have Tom at our next show. His TV appearances include Comedy Central's Live at Gotham, Showtime's Russell Peters Presents, BET's One Mic Stand and CBS' Gary Unmarried. He also pops up on the acclaimed radio show, The Bob and Tom Show.

Tom released a great comedy album, Thrilled, this year. In addition to the awesome album, it also comes with one of the best album covers ever.

Nigel Lawrence added to July Lineup

We have another great comedian in our July 15th lineup - Nigel Lawrence. Nigel has written and starred in his own comedy specials for CTV and The Comedy Network. He's also performed at the Just For Laughs Comedy festival and has numerous TV appeareances, including Comedy Central's Live at Gotham and Chelsea Lately on E! Television. 

Nigel is a great comedic storyteller and always brings a fresh and charismatic approach to his comedy every time he performs. And Nigel gets bonus points for being Canadian. I think that's a positive, right?

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