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Kaboom! Eric Andre!

*Photo by Susan MossKaboom! Comedian and actor Eric Andre will be taking the Super Serious stage at Smashbox Studios at the December show. Andre’s off-the-wall approach to comedy and spastic on-stage energy make him one of the more exciting performers to watch. Never expect a dull performance from this super talented comic. He will blow your mind away and permanently alter it for the better.

You may recognize Andre from his television roles on such popular shows as Curb Your Enthusiasm and Hot in Cleveland. As a stand-up, Andre has appeared on Live at Gotham, Hatin on MTV, The Awkward Comedy Show on Comedy Central and Lopez Tonight. Additionally, he has performed at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland and the HBO Comedy Festival in Aspen.

We are super excited for Andre’s Super Serious debut, and all of the other fun that is to come at this month’s show.

Get your tickets now!

David Huntsberger Will Mess With Your Head

Comedian David Huntsberger will be performing at our September show! Huntsberger has one of the biggest brains in comedy. Ideas seem to spill out of him and he won’t stop until you are on board with him. At the end of his set, you’ll be nodding your head like, “That guy gets it.”

This year Hunstberger released his second comedy album, Humanitis, for Stand Up! Records. As a stand-up, Huntsberger appeared on season nine of Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and was a semi-finalist on season four of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. You may also recognize Huntsberger from the popular podcast Professor Blastoff, which he co-hosts along with Kyle Dunnigan and Tig Notaro.

He also regularly opens for Nick Swardson and Doug Benson and has worked with a number of big names such as Paul F. Tompkins (our host for the September show), Maria Bamford, Eddie Gossling and Patton Oswalt. Additionally, he has been featured act at various comedy festivals including the Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival in Washington D.C and the Bridgetown Comedy festival in Portland Oregon.

Get ready to have your mind melted and handed to you at next week’s show by the very smart and talented David Huntsberger.

Grab tickets now for the September 15th show at Smashbox Studios.

Hampton Yount: Comedic Agitator

Young and full of spunk, Comedian Hampton Yount will be performing at Super Serious this week. Yount is one of our favorite new comedians working today.

Yount started his comedy career in the Virginia and D.C. area and now lives in Los Angeles.  He quickly has made a mark at comedy competitions nationwide, including winning the DC Improv Comedy Competition in 2008. He also performed at Bridgetwon Comedy Festival and the Laughing Skull Festival.

Hampton Yount doesn’t have a safe place. His stand-up comedy picks at the dependable topics of today, always discovering new and exciting humor. Through his original comedy, Yount has gained a quick footing with his peers and audiences alike.

Yount also produces a webcomic with his brother, Clay Yount – Rob and Elliot. The webcomic, like Yount’s comedy, has garnered an intense fanbase and critical praise.

Stacked Comedy: Baron Vaughn

Multi-talented performer, Baron Vaughn is sneaking the funny into Smashbox Studios this week for The Super Serious Show.

Vaughn's a classically trained actor with writing and music chops to boot, while also excelling at comedy, making a name for himself in recent years touring nationwide as a stand-up comedian. Vaughn's performances are always self-reflective and inspired, while always tackling a great variety of subject matter. Vaughn has a spark on stage, never shying away from going off script for the laughs.

Hailing from Las Vegas, Vaughn started his comedy career in the Boston area. He now splits time between New York City and Los Angeles.

Vaughn appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Live at Gotham, Russell Simmons Presents: Stand-up at the El Rey. Baron Vaughn was also a featured performer in the stand-out Comedy Central documentary/comedy special, The Awkward Comedy Show.

Vaughn often performs at festivals nationwide, including the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival, DC Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Vancouver Comedy Festival, and the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.

Vaughn will be showing off his acting skills in the upcoming USA Network drama, Fairly Legal.


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