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Super Serious January Photos

January Super Serious was a blast. Standing room only, amazing performances and all the free beer gone! Thanks to everyone again who came out and got into the show, braving the packed house. The night was highlighted by the super fun Sklar Brothers and our special surprise guest Demetri Martin. Andrea Savage, Hampton Yount, The New York Smiths and videos from Danny Jelinek and Jason Whetzell all added insane amounts of fun to the night.

Check out our photos from Rebecca Rotenberg and more at our Flickr Page!

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mber Super Serious finished the year off proper with a high-energy and fun night. The holiday crowd was into from start to finish. As usual, we witnessed another round of great performances by Iliza Shlesinger, Jon Dore, Baron Vaugh, The Birthday Boys and Dimo. Check out our photos from MANDEE JOHNSON and more at our FLICKR PAGE!

Hampton Yount: Comedic Agitator

Young and full of spunk, Comedian Hampton Yount will be performing at Super Serious this week. Yount is one of our favorite new comedians working today.

Yount started his comedy career in the Virginia and D.C. area and now lives in Los Angeles.  He quickly has made a mark at comedy competitions nationwide, including winning the DC Improv Comedy Competition in 2008. He also performed at Bridgetwon Comedy Festival and the Laughing Skull Festival.

Hampton Yount doesn’t have a safe place. His stand-up comedy picks at the dependable topics of today, always discovering new and exciting humor. Through his original comedy, Yount has gained a quick footing with his peers and audiences alike.

Yount also produces a webcomic with his brother, Clay Yount – Rob and Elliot. The webcomic, like Yount’s comedy, has garnered an intense fanbase and critical praise.

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