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The Super Serious Show With Jen Kirkman

Hooray - Jen Kirkman! One of our favorite comedy people is heading up our February show. Kirman is one of the best comedians working today. She's always honest and on point with her performances. Kirkman commands the stage and is unlike any other performer working today.

Kirkman tours nationally and is a veteran member of the Chelsea Lately team and one of the stars of the sister show, After Lately. Last year, Kirkman wrote for Perfect Couples. Last year she released her latest comedy album, Hail To The Freaks.

More Kirkman here and at

Click here for tickets to the February 16th show at Cafe Club Fais Do-Do.

Finesse Mitchell On Tap

*Photo by Je'BoWe come bearing the best news ever...Finesse Mitchell is in the lineup for this month’s Super Serious Show! Mitchell is an actor, stand-up comedian and published author, who’s probably best known for his appearances as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Mitchell currently can be seen on the popular Disney Channel show, A.N.T Farm.

Some of his television credits include, The Today Show, Tyra Banks Show, Chelsea Lately, ABC’s Comic Unleashed, Comedy Central Presents, The Late Show with Conan O’Brian, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and BET’s Comic View.

Additionally, Mitchell appeared in such films as Mad Money, Who’s Your Caddy and The Comebacks.
On top of all this, in 2007, Mitchell published his first book Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much, which offers dating advice to women seeking honest and real answers to age-old relationship questions.

As a stand-up, Mitchell has performed sold-out live performances across the country and abroad. Mitchell is one of the smoothest and more seasoned comics working today. His effortless and cool delivery is always coupled with hilarious material, which can cover everything from his own personal relationships to current events.

Mitchell is a pro and we couldn’t be more psyched to have him on board this December! Now you get psyched! Now you get psyched!

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The Super Serious Show with Chris Hardwick

Photo by Sian Kennedy2nd time's the charm! After an almost October, comedian and nerd extraordinaire, Chris Hardwick is back to head-up the November 17th Super Serious Show at Smashbox Studios.

Hardwick is one of the more fun and smart comedians working today. Hardwick’s performances are full of charm and wit, loaded with all-direction snark – from nerdy tangents to tales from his Southern upbringing. He’s also a master of the digital domain, including running his own popular weekly podcast, The Nerdist, along with recent Super Serious alum Jonah Ray.

Hardwick has kick-started his own online, podcast, production and comedy empire under his Nerdist Industries moniker. He hosts G4’s Web Soup and is a frequent contributor to G4’s Attack of The Show. Hardwick’s recent television appearances include regular spots on Chelsea Lately, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and John Oliver’s New York Stand-up Special.

Hardwick released his book, The Nerdist Way, this month. Hardwick also has music chops, teaming up from time to time with his pal, Mike Phirman, to form the comedy music outfit, Hard N’ Phirm. Hardwick has a ton of other possible projects in the works with companies such as HBO, NBC, Comedy Central, IFC and Funny Or Die. His televised version of his Nerdist Podcast just aired a special on BBC America this Fall.

Hardwick is a skilled stand-up, touring nationally and a regular at festivals including SF Sketchfest, Just For Laughs, SXSW, Coachella and Bumbershoot.

Grab tickets for the November 17th show before it’s too late.

The Super Serious Show with T.J. Miller

Don’t lose your shit or anything but T.J. Miller is the new headliner for the October Super Serious Show. Miller is an actor and comedian best known for his absurd sense of humor. In recent years, Miller’s film and comedy career has really taken off. You may recognize him from the comedy film, Our Idiot Brother, which he starred alongside Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks. He has also appeared in a number of other films such as Get Him to the Greek with Jonah Hill and Russell Brand, Gulliver’s Travels, She’s Out of My League, Yogi Bear and Mike Judge’s Extract.

Additionally, he’s showcased his talents on such television shows as Chelsea Lately, Conan and Late Show with David Letterman

This past September, Miller released his debut music comedy album, The Extended Play E.P., for Comedy Central Records. We are just hoping and praying that Miller will drop lyrical, magical bombs on us at this upcoming show. 

Grab tickets for the October 20th show before it’s too late.

Returning Champ: Matt Braunger

Matt Braunger, one of our favorite comedy people is returning to Super Serious this month - August 18th at Smashbox Studios. Braunger continues to be one of the funniest comedians working today. He still tours nationally and has appeared on Chelsea Lately and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson this past year. We're pumped to have him back at the show. A Braunger performance is our comedy guarantee for you.

Click here for tickets.

Check-out Braunger's Super Serious photos and bio.

The Super Serious Show with Greg Proops

Prepare to let loose and let the fun wash over at The Super Serious Show this month. The off-the-cuff master comedian Greg Proops is headlining and hosting the 1-year anniversary Super Serious Show. Thursday, July 21st at Smashbox Studios, Proops will be bringing his playfully obscure and engaging comedy to the Culver City masses…or mini-masses. Proops’ comedy dances between topics and styles, always bringing a healthy dose of wit and charm to the proceedings.

Proops hails from San Francisco and now resides in Hollywood. Proops made a mark as an improv comedy all-star, as a cast member of Whose Line Is It Anyway? Hosted by Drew Carey. Proops is also a regular on the popular British version of the show. Proops’s numerous television appearances also include The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, Chelsea Lately and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Proops also appeared on Flight of The Conchords.

Proops is a frequent live performer, hosting shows nationwide, performing stand-up and participating in improv shows. Proops’s two stand-out stand-up albums are Elsewhere and Proops Digs In!

Proops also currently hosts a semi-regular one-man runaway train comedy podcast, The Smartest Man In The World.

Grab tickets for July’s Super Serious Show and your chance to catch the Proops comedy storm.

Greg Fitzsimmons: Master of The Comedy Brouhaha

We’re pumped to announce the addition of the great Greg Fitzsimmons to our June lineup. Fitzsimmons is one of the most riveting and engaging comedians working today. He packs a punch with his smart biting comedy on and off the stage. Fitzsimmons is a stand-up with a ton other skills – writing, hosting and producing numerous projects. Fitzsimmons is known for his popular radio show on Howard Stern’s Sirius/XM Channel and the equally popular weekly podcast, FITZDOG Radio.

Fitzsimmons headlines as a stand-up nationwide and as numerous television appearances. His appearances include Late Show With David Letterman, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Chelsea Lately, John Oliver’s New York Stand-up Show and two Comedy Central specials. Greg Fitzsimmons writing credits are a plenty, including stints writing for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, HBO’s Lucky Louie, Politically Incorrect With Bill Maher and The Man Show.

It’s a true treat to have Greg Fitzsimmons join The Super Serious Show this Thursday. Grab your tickets now for the June 16th show at Smashbox Studios.

The Super Serious Show with Natasha Leggero

We’re excited to announce our Summer show will be headlined by the supremely funny Natasha Leggero. June 16th, Leggero will be bringing her great comedy combo – glamour, spunk and silliness – to Smashbox Studios. Leggero is one of the most popular touring comedians, performing stand-up nationwide.

On top of her touring, Leggero has numerous appearances on television. She's a regular round table guest on Chelsea Lately. Other appearances include numerous stand-up spots on The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. She also served as a judge for season 7 of Last Comic Standing.

Some of Leggero’s most fun performances are her stints playing various crazy deviants on the several year run on Comedy Central’s past hit, Reno 911! Leggero’s other acting roles include appearances on Fox’s ‘Til Death, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Samantha Who, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Sarah Silverman Program, Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time and a supporting role in the feature film, He’s Just Not That Into You. She is also a starring voice for Comedy Central’s animated series, Ugly Americans.

Leggero is a unique stand-up in the comedy landscape, joyfully bringing some style to the proceedings. Her stylistic look and diminutive on-stage stature is a fun match to her fun filled comedy, often taking down society’s failings and a fearless willingness to act silly during performances.

Grab your tickets now for the June 16th show - Leggero and Super Serious paired together at last!

Command of The Funny: Jen Kirkman

We’re excited to have the hyper smart and unique comedian Jen Kirkman at Super Serious this month's show. She’s one of our favorite comedians working today. She's a favorite of many others, too - held in high esteem by her comedy peers and audiences all over.

Jen Kirkman's passion and honesty sets her apart from much of the stand-up community. She is a stand-up comedian, television writer and actress. Kirkman’s stage presence is fearless – often engaging the audience and embracing in-the-moment tangents. Some of Kirkman’s most fun comedic moments on stage originate from the venn diagram of her passion and neurosis.

Kirkman most recently was a staff writer for NBC’s Perfect Couples. She spent several years as a head writer/actor on E!’s Chelsea Lately. She is still a regular on Chelsea Lately’s roundtable. Kirkman had a notable appearance as the narrator of HBO’s Funny Or Die “Drunk History,” which received the Jury Prize for “Best Short Film” at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. She performs stand-up worldwide and has numerous television appearances, including spots on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, Late Friday and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. Kirkman was also a cast member of VH1’s sketch show, Accetable TV. In 2006, AST Records released her first comedy album, Self Help. Her second album will be released late this year.

Kirkman is an online favorite through her twitter feed – MSN and The Huffington Post named her one of the top comedians to follow on Twitter. In 2009 Entertainment Weekly also named Kirkman “One of The Top 12 Rising Stars in Comedy.”

For Los Angeles locals, Kirkman currently hosts a monthly talk show at The Upright Citizens Theatre and often performs at The Hollywood Improv, The Laugh Factory and Largo.

In our past comedy life, we used to run a show at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood. The sunset strip comedy club is not always the most inspiring comedy environment, but Kirkman's numerous performances were always a treat. Engaging, sweet and always one of the funniest people in the room, Kirkman’s visits to the show were a highlight. Her comedy and our experiences working with her is one of the main reasons we created The Super Serious Show – to give great comedians a cool space to do their thing.

Grab your tickets to the March 17th show to catch Kirkman live.

As a treat, here's Jen Kirkman in the always funny online series, Drunk History.


The Super Serious Show with Iliza Shlesinger

Watch out! Iliza is heading our way this month. High-energy  big-time comedian, Iliza Shlesinger is charging through Smashbox Studios Thursday 12/16 for the holiday episode of Super Serious.

One of our favorite comedians of the past few years, Shlesinger is pretty much a sure thing, always bringing it to audiences. Plus, she's "good people." Bonus.

The fun of Shlesinger's comedy is its great variety. She freely jumps from topic to topic, often off-the-cuff and always packing a punch with super stage energy.

Shlesinger currently resides in Los Angeles. She was the winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing Season 6. She is the first female and youngest comedian to hold the title of Last Comic Standing.

Her television credits include having her own half hour special on Comedy Central Presents, Comedy Central’s Live At Gotham, Showtime's Pauly Shore & Friends and Bridging The Gap Comedy Special, E! Network’s Chelsea Lately, E!'s The Soup and NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly.

She performed at the coveted Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal and for the troops all over the world. Most weekends, you can find Shlesinger headlining at variety of colleges and clubs across the country.

When not wreaking havoc on stage, Shlesinger hosts her own hit web series The Weakly News with Iliza on

Brave the funny and find out for yourself what makes Iliza Shlesinger tick, Thursday 12/16 at Super Serious.

Bring The Spunk: Christina Pazsitzky

Our favorite Los Angeles born and raised comedians, Christina Pazsitzky, is bringing the funny to Super Serious this week. No need to put her in the always-pointless chick corner - Pazsitzky's comedy ignores easy labels and covers all sorts of topics.

Pazsitzky is a stand-up comedian and writer who is a Los Angeles native and proud of it. Her comedy effortlessly coasts from topic to topic, always with a heavy dose of wit and charm. Always with a sharp take or two on her crazy but loveable hometown city.

A regular on the popular E! show Chelsea Lately, Pazsitzky is often touring comedy clubs nationwide. In the past few years, she earned her stripes by entertaining the troops in the Middle East, Africa and South Korea.

A long-time veteran of television, you can also see Pazsitzky on the E! Television’s Wildest TV Moments.  She hosted the FX series Hitchiker Chronicles and was a cast member on MTV’s Road Rules Australia. She was a regional finalist on Season 6 and 7 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing and is a featured comedian on Animal Planet’s The A List.  She also appeared in feature films with the ‘Jackass’ boys in TV: The Movie.

In 2007, she placed 2nd in California’s Funniest Female contest and was given the “Up and Coming Writer’ Award in Animation Magazine for her comedy writing work. You can often hear her on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show.

Bonus points for knowing before becoming a Comedian, Pazsitzky studied Philosophy at Oxford University and attended Law School for two entire weeks. Smart, irreverent and funny - all in one spunky Pazsitzky package.

Mad Comedy: Arden Mryin

File Arden Myrin under the automatically funny category. Myrin's been popping up in movies and television shows for awhile now and always makes a mark. She'll be making a special live appearance at this month's Super Serious Show.  Mryin is one of the best sketch and improv comedic actors working today.  Catching a liver performance from Myrin is sure to be a treat.

Arden Myrin gained notoriety as a regular cast member on MADtv. She also appeared on such hit shows as Friends, Reno 911, Just Shoot Me, Gilmore Girls, Kitchen Confidential, and more.  Her film credit’s include “Kinsey”, “The Lucky Ones”, “What Women Want’, ““Deconstructing Harry”, “The Imposters”, “ Autofocus”, “and The Informant”.  Myrin is a frequent talk show guest with appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien”, Howard Stern, Chelsea Lately, Loveline, among others.

Myrin is a founding member of the long-form improv team "God Squad" IOWest at IOWest in Los Angeles. The heradled group started in 2001. Myrin also has roots at Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre and The Groundlings.

Enjoy the special treat of Arden Myrin at The Super Serious Show this week.

Nigel Lawrence added to July Lineup

We have another great comedian in our July 15th lineup - Nigel Lawrence. Nigel has written and starred in his own comedy specials for CTV and The Comedy Network. He's also performed at the Just For Laughs Comedy festival and has numerous TV appeareances, including Comedy Central's Live at Gotham and Chelsea Lately on E! Television. 

Nigel is a great comedic storyteller and always brings a fresh and charismatic approach to his comedy every time he performs. And Nigel gets bonus points for being Canadian. I think that's a positive, right?

Click here for tickets to the show.

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