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Comedy Character: Kyle Dunnigan

This Thursday, Kyle Dunnigan will be coming to Smashbox for the May Super Serious Show. Dunnigan is an energetic and talented comedian who always surprises with his comedy and performances. His comedy ranges from daily life musings to crazy tangents, always delivered with a sneaky cool confidence.

Kyle Dunnigan is an alumni of the Groundlings Sunday Company. Dunnigan’s best known from his role as Craig (aka the Truckee River Killer) on Reno 911!. Dunnigan is an accomplished stand-up with his own half-hour special on Comedy Central, along with Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel Live and the Late Late Show. He’s also appeared on NBC’s Howie Do It and FOX’s Cedric The Entertainer Presents.

Dunnigan also produced and starred in the popular web series, Craig Vs. Wild. The series boasts over two million views. Dunnigan recently started the Professor Blastoff podcast with his comedy friends, Tig Notaro and David Huntsberger.

Catch Kyle Dunnigan at Super Serious this Thursday.

Get Ready For Some Quality Thune Time

Comedy cool kid Nick Thune will be joining The Super Serious Show next week at Smashbox Studios. Thune is a unique and versatile comedic performer. His sly wit and low key stage presence is a great combo at his live shows. Thune is popular nationally touring comedian and pops up on television often.

Thune hails from Seattle and moved to Los Angeles for comedy career purposes. Thune is a favorite of The Tonight Show with several performances, including this week. Thune’s other television appearances include a half-hour special on Comedy Central, Conan and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Thune appeared in his own web series for Atom Films, as well – Thune also appeared in a few feature films, including Mike Judge’s Extract, Highway 61, Unaccompanied Minors and Knocked Up.

In 2010 Thune released his debut comedy album, Thick Noon. Serial Optimist recently featured a fun and interesting interview with Thune.

Check out Super Serious Show May 19th for some quality Thune time.

The Super Serious Show with Pete Holmes

The May Super Serious Show is going to be another fun night of crazy comedy. One of our favorite straight-to-it funny men, Pete Holmes, is heading up the show. Holmes’ welcoming personality and self-deprecating humor has led to devoted fanbase nationwide.

On stage, Holmes is quick on his feet and always bringing life to a show – every performance is packed with crazy in-the-moment tangents and whip-smart humor. A skilled improviser, Holmes is one of the best off-the-cuff comedians working today. Holmes is a mutli-skilled talent, working as a nationally touring stand-up, actor, improviser, writer and cartoonist.

Holmes has comedy roots in Chicago, Boston and New York. He studied and performed at Chicago’s Improv Olympic theater and the Playground theater. He also spent time performing at Boston’s Improv Asylum Theater and the New York City branch of Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Holmes has a ton of television appearances including a Comedy Central Presents special, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Conan, voice work for Comedy Central’s Ugly Americans, VH1’s Best Week Ever, Premium Blend and many more. Holmes also draws cartoons for The New Yorker and writes for NBC’s Outsourced. Holmes is also a frequent contributor to and designs T-shirts for

On top of all that, Holmes is the voice of the popular long running E*Trade baby commercials.

Grab your tickets now for the May 19th Super Serious Show and enjoy the crazy fun of Pete Holmes at Smashbox Studios.

The Super Serious Show with Brendon Walsh

Super Serious Show is back. Thursday, April 21st. This month we have raconteur comedian Brendon Walsh running the show. Walsh is a favorite comedian with a diverse fan base, touring clubs and festivals nationwide. His comedy is always surprising and fun. His comedy is silly and smart, always engaging.

Walsh hails from Philadelphia and established his comedy career while living in Austin, TX. In 2004 he won the “Funniest Person In Austin” contest and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live as the original character “Scary Monster” (a terrible monster stand-up comedian). Walsh continued to gain fans in 2005 and 2006 as Austin Chronicle’s readers voted him “Best Stand-up Comedian.” His other TV appearances include Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, NBC’s Last Comic Standing and Conan on TBS.

Other Walsh accolades include winning the grand prize on the comedy stage in the 2007 internet contest, being featured on the Just For Laughs “New Faces” 2008 Montreal showcase. In 2010 he returned to the festival to tape his HBO Special “Funny As Hell.” In addition to his stage stand-up skills, Walsh also writers and regularly appears on TruTV’s The World’s Dumbest.

Grab your tickets here to catch the comedy stylings of the great Brendon Walsh.

Unhinged Comedy: Reggie Watts

We're extremely lucky and excited to catch comedian, music artist and all-around crazy talent, Reggie Watts, during his Los Angeles visit. Tomorrow night at Super Serious, Watts will be taking the stage at Smashbox. The fun of Watts is his unpredictability, his improvised musical comedy sets are always memorable.

Watts' comedy and music is all about surprising the audience. Watts' performances effortlessly switch from character bits to stand-up to characters to impromptu songs. He's hard to define but that's half the fun of a Watts performance.

Reggie Watts has toured world wide, including numerous festivals and clubs. In New York, Watts regularly performs at The Box, UCB, Comix, the Bellhouse, Slipper Room, Caroline’s, Union Hall and Moonwork. Watts awards include the ECNY Award (2009) and the Andy Kaufmann Award (2006).

Watts' television and film credits include appearances on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Conan, HBO's The Yes Men Save The World, Comedy Central's Michael and Michael Have Issues. Currently, Watts is filming short comedic interstitials for Comedy Central’s late night block.

Watts also has a ton of experience as a musician, including singing on Regina Spektor’s "Dance Anthem of the 80s" and contributing tracks to DFA Records’ Spaghetti Circus. Watts is also the frontman for Maktub, ther Seattle rock outfit. Maktub recently released their firth album, Five.

Watts also has achieved success on the theatrical front, creating absurd shows for modern performance spaces in collaboration with playwright Tommy Smith. Their stage shows have toured the country and have won awards, including the 2008 & 2009 MAP Fund and 2008 Creative Capital award.

Comedian Eugene Mirman tries to sum up Watts:

"Amazing and unlike anything you have ever seen. Unless you have seen a comedic stream of conscious operatic beat-boxing marvel. Then it's like that."

Comic Boom: Andres du Bouchet

Photo by Anya GarrettComedian Andres du Bouchet is one interesting fellow. His booming stage prescence always catches your attention. Stand-up, writer, actor and all-around talent - Du Bouchet is a veteran comedian from New York City. Our few experiences with Du Bouchet always leave us impressed and surprised. He's one of the better comedic character performers working today.

He now lives in Los Angeles, writing for Conan on TBS.  Time Out New York named him one of the "Best Comedians of 2004." Du Bouchet has made notieable appearances on Conan's TBS Special, as well as the recent 24 hours live at the Conan production offices.

Get to know the funny of Andres Du Bouchet this Thursday at Super Serious.

Super Serious Show with Jimmy Pardo

Comedian Jimmy Pardo wouldn't ever admit it, but he's one of today's comedy kings. Full of bluster, wit and charm, the ultimate emcee able to play to many an audience, Pardo keeps us all guessing while keeping himself in a shroud of doubt.

This month, he'll be holding court at Smashbox Studios for the next fun-filled Super Serious. We're excited to finally have him run the show.

Photo by Robin Von SwankJimmy Pardo is a rare breed of comedian, with natural knack for finding the funny both on and off stage. He's one of the best off-the-cuff comedians working today, often performing unscripted material for an entire stand-up show.

His comedy is a combo-affair - playful, witty, combatitive, self-depricating and intelligent - all together in one tightly wound Pardo package.

Pardo's comedic skills are always on display during his fun and smart weekly podcast, the super popular Never Not Funny. Pardo was one of the first comedians to take to the podcast medium, changing the way comedians gain traction online, finding new ways to connect with fans. Past Never Not Funny guests include, Conan O'Brien, Adam Carolla, Kevin Pollack, Sarah Silverman, Jon Hamm, Ty Burrell, Rich Sommer and many more.

In addition to the podcast, Pardo also continues to headline nationwide at the top comedy clubs. Pardo currently works as Conan O'Brien's opening act on Conan, continuing his same role from O'Brien's Tonight Show run.

Not surprisingly with his bevy of talent and personable approach, Pardo has numerous television and film appearances, too. Some of his appearances include performing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He also had his own half-hour special, Comedy Central Presents Jimmy Pardo.

Los Angeles locals can often find Pardo at one of his monthly hosted shows at the famed Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre.

He also recorded two comedy albums, Uno and Pompous Clown.

Catch Pardo's one-of-a-kind comedy Thursday, February 17th at Super SeriousClick here for tickets.

Marc Maron: Force of Personality

A philosopher for our WTF times? Comedian and force-of-personality, Marc Maron, fits the bill. We're extremely honored and excited to have him stop by Super Serious tomorrow to share the funny and maybe a little bit of wisdom, too.

Marc Maron brings the funny from all over - stand-up, author, actor, radio personality and podcast impresario. Often manic, always funny, Maron is one of the most honest and insightful comedians working today.

Maron appeared on numerous shows over the years, including HBO, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Late Show with David Letterman, two Comedy Central Presents specials.

He performed a solo show based on his two divorces and anger problem called, "Scorching the Earth." Maron hosts the wildly popular podcast WTF with Marc Maron. His three comedy albums, Not Sold Out, Tickets Still Available and Final Engagement are comedy cult classics.

Character Builder: Seth Morris

Seth Morris is one of our favorite comedians working both in-front and behind the camera. Check him out at The Super Serious Show this month.

Morris is the former Artistic Director of Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Los Angeles and is now part of the popular Funny Or Die team.  Morris is a jack-of-all-comedy-trades, stand-up, sketch and improv.

There's always a chance he'll bring one of his great characters to the show with him. His most recent creation is the hilariously sad divorced man, Bob Ducca. A brief explanation of Ducca:

Bob Ducca isn't just the saddest divorced man in the world, he's also an addict of 12 Step recovery programs, a sufferer of ailments unrecognized by the medical community, a remote controlled motor boat enthusiast, and the holder of the world record for longest sigh.

Originally from San Francisco, Morris began his comedy career in New York City in 1997, studying at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.  He appeared in, directed and wrote for many shows at the UCB and performed in numerous comedy festivals nationwide.

Seth Morris also appeared in the long-running Off-Broadway production of The Marijuanalogues. His television credits include Curb Your Enthusiasm, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, as well as numerous appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Comedy Central’s Upright Citizens Brigade and Chappelle’s Show. His film credits include Step Brothers and Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story.

Mad Comedy: Arden Mryin

File Arden Myrin under the automatically funny category. Myrin's been popping up in movies and television shows for awhile now and always makes a mark. She'll be making a special live appearance at this month's Super Serious Show.  Mryin is one of the best sketch and improv comedic actors working today.  Catching a liver performance from Myrin is sure to be a treat.

Arden Myrin gained notoriety as a regular cast member on MADtv. She also appeared on such hit shows as Friends, Reno 911, Just Shoot Me, Gilmore Girls, Kitchen Confidential, and more.  Her film credit’s include “Kinsey”, “The Lucky Ones”, “What Women Want’, ““Deconstructing Harry”, “The Imposters”, “ Autofocus”, “and The Informant”.  Myrin is a frequent talk show guest with appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien”, Howard Stern, Chelsea Lately, Loveline, among others.

Myrin is a founding member of the long-form improv team "God Squad" IOWest at IOWest in Los Angeles. The heradled group started in 2001. Myrin also has roots at Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre and The Groundlings.

Enjoy the special treat of Arden Myrin at The Super Serious Show this week.

The Super Serious Show with Dana Gould

Veteran stand-up comedian and Emmy winning writer (The Simpsons), Dana Gould is taking the reigns of The Super Serious Show this month. Gould's comedy is smart and grounded, always blurring the line between himself and the audience. We're in for a treat.

Originally from Massachusetts, Dana Gould started his comedy career during the late 1980's comedy club boom. He's now a nationwide favorite with both audiences and his fellow comedians.  Gould has several HBO Specials under his belt. His other TV credits include appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Late Show with David Letterman, Seinfeld and writing and performing on The Ben Stiller Show.  Gould spent much of this decade as a producer and writer for The Simpsons. He recently left the show to return to stand-up comedy.

Gould released his first stand-up DVD in 2009, the wry Let Me Put My Thoughts In You.

The Super Serious Show with Dana Gould is September 16th at Smashbox! Get your tickets early.

The Super Serious Show with Matt Braunger

The always funny and high energy Matt Braunger is taking over the Super Serious Show in August - hosting and headlining. We can't wait.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Matt Braunger started his comedy life in Chicago and now resides in Los Angeles. Matt is an actor and comedian with a ton of credits, including a series regular on MADtv, Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, The Late Show with David Letterman, United States of Tara, Pushing Daises, Live At Gotham and more.  Matt also is a comedy festival favorite, with past performances at Just For Laughs Montreal, Just For Laughs Chicago, The TBS Comedy Festival Las Vegas, South By Southwest  and won the 2008 “Best Of The Fest” at the inaugural Rooftop Comedy Festival in Aspen.  

In 2009, Variety named Matt one of their Top 10 Comics to Watch.  2009 also saw the release of Matt's debut comedy album, Soak Up The Night.

Matt also co-hosts one of our favorite comedy podcasts, MATT's Radio.  Matt's one of our favorite comedians today and will surely make the Super Serious Show his own this month.

The Super Serious Show with Matt Braunger is August 19th at Smashbox! Grab your tickets early.

David Koechner added to July Lineup

David Koechner will bringing the funny to our July show. We couldn't be more excited. David is known for his great comedic roles in film and television, including Saturday Night Live, Late Night With Conan O'Brien, The Office, Anchorman, Thank You For Smoking, The Comebacks and many more. Many of David's great characters demonstrate his rare ability to combine an immediate likability with a crazy comedic edge.

David recently completed a month long residency at Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre's Comedy Death Ray Sketch Show and is planning a nationwide tour in the coming months.

Come check out David's great live performance and the rest of our lineup at The Super Serious Show in July.

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