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Comedy Heart: Nick Jasenovec

Get super duper excited! Nick Jasenovec will be screening an episode from season three of Adult Swim’s Delocated, at the Super Serious Show this Thursday! If you aren’t familiar with Delocated, it’s one of the most fun and original comedy series out there starring some of the funniest comedians working today (Jon Glaser). Jasenovec is a director and writer best known for the film, Paper Heart, which he directed and co-wrote alongside Charlyne Yi. Additionally, he directed several episodes of HBO’s Funny or Die Presents, as well as some of our favorite funny online videos. Case and point: and

Grab your tickets for tomorrow night's show!

An Eye For The Funny: Lauren Palmigiano

Whoa now – one of the coolest comedy directors working today, Lauren Palmigiano, will be screening a few shorts at Super Serious this Thursday. Her free spirited and off-beat films established her as one of the better young directors in today's comedy ranks. She’s currently a writer and producer for She’s a sketch alum and past performer at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. Her first short film, Cried Suicide, premiered at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival.

Come watch some fun Palmigiano shorts at Smashbox Studios this week. It’ll be fun. We sear.

Click here for tickets.

Video Mandess From Jake Szymanski

This Thursday at Super Serious, we're excited to screen some crazy fun short films from awesome writer/director Jake Szmanski. It's long overdue sharing some sweet videos from one of our favorite Funny or Die friends. He's a character in real life and his films are always some of the crazier fun ones you'll come across. Some more info on Jake:

Jake Szymanski, as a child, went around mixing up various liquids with sticks and dirt in Ziplock bags to create "potions". This habit was put to an end when his father caught him trying to add his own pee to dirty bag in the middle of the kitchen. Since then he has felt very lucky to work and create at UCBLA, Saturday Night Live, and

Grab your tickets now for the show Thursday, August 18th show at Smashbox Studios.

Comedy Shorts Courtesy of Eric Appel

Eric Appel, one of our favorite young filmmakers, will be screening a few of his awesome comedic short films tomorrow night at Super Serious. Appel’s a skilled writer and director with a keen eye for the absurd and funny. His absurd style is always laced with in-your-face funny.

Hailing from Endicott, New York, Appel graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh before moving to New York City to begin his comedy career. While in New York, Appel studied and performed regularly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Appel is an accomplished comedy writer with numerous credits, including Crank Yankers, The Andy Milonakis Show, Human Giant and Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time. He’s also an accomplished director working on some of the coolest recent comedy projects. Some of his directing effects include Funny Or Die Presents, Eagleheart and the upcoming Adult Swim action comedy, NTSF:SD:SUV. Eric Appel is a regular contributor to Funny Or Die and still performs often at Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre Los Angeles.

He has several great shorts to screen at Super Serious tomorrow night. Grab your tickets for a chance to check them out.

Ryan Perez: An Eye For Funny

This month at Super Serious, writer, actor and filmmaker Ryan Perez will be screening a few of his kick-ass comedic shorts. Perez's films are both silly and smart, often taking on pop culture absurdity. Perez is a skilled satirist.

Perez is a favorite writer and director in comedy circles the past few years. He recently worked as a writer for Saturday Night Live and currently writers and directs for Funny Or Die. Perez is a graduate of UCLA School of Film and Television. In 2005, he began his involvement in comedy began working as an improviser and sketch writer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, CA. HBO’s Funny Or Die series featured Perez’s written and directed work, as well.

Come to Smashbox Studios this Thursday and check-out the fun films of Ryan Perez.

Scott Gairdner: Video Master

Get ready for some kick-ass videos at this week’s Super Serious Show (March 17th) – courtesy of video director/performer all-star, Scott Gairdner. Gairdner is a favorite of the comedy crowd and online community thanks to his slew of inventive and clever comedy videos the past few years. We have word he'll be screening a brand new video at the show.

Gairdner is a comedy writer, director, performer, editor, and motion graphic artist living and working in Los Angeles. The New York Times, Huffington Post, G4’s Attack of the Show, New York Magazine, Maxim, and Bill Simmons’ blog have all highlighted his video work. With a total of over 13 million views for his videos, Gairdner’s work is often featured on the front page of Youtube, Funny Or Die, CollegeHumor, Cracked, and Atom.

In 2010, Gairdner joined the staff of Funny Or Die as a writer/director. His work has been heavily featured on the recent season of HBO’s Funny Or Die series.

Here’s a great profile on Scott Gairdner, courtesy of G4’s Attack of The Show.


James Adomian: Character Builder

This week’s St. Patrick's Day Super Serious Show will feature one of the best performers working today, James Adomian. The popular multi-skilled comedian is known for his impressions and character work, as well as his great stand-up comedy.

Adomian was a top-10 finalist on Last Comic Standing. His other film and television appearances include Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay, The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, Face to Bush (Comedy Central), Wordgirl (PBS) and The Onion Radio News, along with numerous underground cartoons and television pilots.

NBC recently cast Adomian in an upcoming comedy series opposite of Sarah Paulson.

Adomian’s good nature and comedy skills made him a favorite in comedy circles. He is a frequent contributor to Earwolf’s Comedy Death-Ray Radio, as well as numerous other podcasts. He’s made a name for himself in political circles through his impression work. Adomian often appears in numerous web videos on Funny Or Die and

Adomian performs stand-up and characters nationwide and often at Upright Citizens Brigade in Los Angeles. Adomian is a one of a kind performer with rare skills. We can’t wait to see what he brings to Super Serious this week at Smashbox Studios.

Command of The Funny: Jen Kirkman

We’re excited to have the hyper smart and unique comedian Jen Kirkman at Super Serious this month's show. She’s one of our favorite comedians working today. She's a favorite of many others, too - held in high esteem by her comedy peers and audiences all over.

Jen Kirkman's passion and honesty sets her apart from much of the stand-up community. She is a stand-up comedian, television writer and actress. Kirkman’s stage presence is fearless – often engaging the audience and embracing in-the-moment tangents. Some of Kirkman’s most fun comedic moments on stage originate from the venn diagram of her passion and neurosis.

Kirkman most recently was a staff writer for NBC’s Perfect Couples. She spent several years as a head writer/actor on E!’s Chelsea Lately. She is still a regular on Chelsea Lately’s roundtable. Kirkman had a notable appearance as the narrator of HBO’s Funny Or Die “Drunk History,” which received the Jury Prize for “Best Short Film” at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. She performs stand-up worldwide and has numerous television appearances, including spots on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, Late Friday and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. Kirkman was also a cast member of VH1’s sketch show, Accetable TV. In 2006, AST Records released her first comedy album, Self Help. Her second album will be released late this year.

Kirkman is an online favorite through her twitter feed – MSN and The Huffington Post named her one of the top comedians to follow on Twitter. In 2009 Entertainment Weekly also named Kirkman “One of The Top 12 Rising Stars in Comedy.”

For Los Angeles locals, Kirkman currently hosts a monthly talk show at The Upright Citizens Theatre and often performs at The Hollywood Improv, The Laugh Factory and Largo.

In our past comedy life, we used to run a show at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood. The sunset strip comedy club is not always the most inspiring comedy environment, but Kirkman's numerous performances were always a treat. Engaging, sweet and always one of the funniest people in the room, Kirkman’s visits to the show were a highlight. Her comedy and our experiences working with her is one of the main reasons we created The Super Serious Show – to give great comedians a cool space to do their thing.

Grab your tickets to the March 17th show to catch Kirkman live.

As a treat, here's Jen Kirkman in the always funny online series, Drunk History.


Jelinek and Whetzell Show Off Their Shorts

Video time! Tonight we’re screening some comedy shorts from two of the best young filmmakers in Los Angeles – Danny Jelinek and Jason Whetzell.

Jelinek and Whetzell are best known for their monthly anthology series “Everything.” Their work has been featured on a number of popular websites such as: BoingBoing, Funny or Die, Channel 101, Juxtapoz and Spike Jonze’s We Love You So blog. While much of their work is comedic in tone, it never fails to surprise or elevate its subject matter to thoughtful and quirky level. Silly, smart and fun.

Grab your tickets and check out these cool comedic shorts tonight at Super Serious!

Act a Fool: Andrea Savage

Andrea Savage is a true talent with a litany of comedy skills and she’s coming to The Super Serious Show this week. She’s been one of our favorite comedic performers for awhile now and we’re luck to catch her return to the stage.

Savage's performances always bring the unexpected and she has the special ability be both the silly one and the straight-man in any given scene. Always upping the funny quota in the process.

Savage was recently seen in Dinner for Schmucks, opposite Paul Rudd and Steve Carell. Prior to that, she appeared in a television pilot created by Tom Lennon and Ben Garant, as well as I Love You Beth Cooper and Step Brothers,  opposite John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell with Adam McKay directing and Judd Apatow producing. She can next be seen in Wilfred, the half-hour comedy starring Elijah Wood for FX.

Savage’s improvisation background from The Groundlings led her to lead roles in The Grand opposite Woody Harrelson and Dog Bites Man, the short lived but stand-out Comedy Central show created by Dan Mazer (Borat).

In addition to her great acting and improv skills, Savage is an accomplished writer. She is currently writing a feature comedy script for Castle Rock Entertainment and recently wrote an untitled half-hour pilot script for 20th Century Fox TV through Chernin Entertainment.

Savage frequently collaborates with Funny Or Die, as well. Here's a clip from a few year ago with Savage interviewing her fellow Funny Or Die Tour buddies. Enjoy.                                                                                                     


Character Builder: Seth Morris

Seth Morris is one of our favorite comedians working both in-front and behind the camera. Check him out at The Super Serious Show this month.

Morris is the former Artistic Director of Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Los Angeles and is now part of the popular Funny Or Die team.  Morris is a jack-of-all-comedy-trades, stand-up, sketch and improv.

There's always a chance he'll bring one of his great characters to the show with him. His most recent creation is the hilariously sad divorced man, Bob Ducca. A brief explanation of Ducca:

Bob Ducca isn't just the saddest divorced man in the world, he's also an addict of 12 Step recovery programs, a sufferer of ailments unrecognized by the medical community, a remote controlled motor boat enthusiast, and the holder of the world record for longest sigh.

Originally from San Francisco, Morris began his comedy career in New York City in 1997, studying at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.  He appeared in, directed and wrote for many shows at the UCB and performed in numerous comedy festivals nationwide.

Seth Morris also appeared in the long-running Off-Broadway production of The Marijuanalogues. His television credits include Curb Your Enthusiasm, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, as well as numerous appearances on Late Night with Conan O’Brien and Comedy Central’s Upright Citizens Brigade and Chappelle’s Show. His film credits include Step Brothers and Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story.

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