The Way of The Wit: Sean Conroy

*Photo by Mandee JohnsonThursday is coming quick. Get ready. Another one of our favorite performers, Sean Conroy, is returning to The Super Serious Show. Comedian Sean Conroy is one of the more versitle performers working today. He's a writer, improv performer, stand-up and the lead host of The Long Shot podcast. Conroy combines an active wit and dry humor with his creative off-beat improv skills.

Conroy is a regular performer as Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, including his regular appearances at the famous ASSSSCAT improv show, along side the other founding members. For more Conroy check-out his Super Serious page and his site, www.seanconroy.com.

Still time to grab some tickets for the January 19th show at Cafe Club Fais Do-Do.

An Eye For The Funny: Lauren Palmigiano

Whoa now – one of the coolest comedy directors working today, Lauren Palmigiano, will be screening a few shorts at Super Serious this Thursday. Her free spirited and off-beat films established her as one of the better young directors in today's comedy ranks. She’s currently a writer and producer for FunnyOrDie.com. She’s a sketch alum and past performer at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. Her first short film, Cried Suicide, premiered at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival.

Come watch some fun Palmigiano shorts at Smashbox Studios this week. It’ll be fun. We sear.

Click here for tickets.

Comedy Shorts Courtesy of Eric Appel

Eric Appel, one of our favorite young filmmakers, will be screening a few of his awesome comedic short films tomorrow night at Super Serious. Appel’s a skilled writer and director with a keen eye for the absurd and funny. His absurd style is always laced with in-your-face funny.

Hailing from Endicott, New York, Appel graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh before moving to New York City to begin his comedy career. While in New York, Appel studied and performed regularly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Appel is an accomplished comedy writer with numerous credits, including Crank Yankers, The Andy Milonakis Show, Human Giant and Nick Swardson’s Pretend Time. He’s also an accomplished director working on some of the coolest recent comedy projects. Some of his directing effects include Funny Or Die Presents, Eagleheart and the upcoming Adult Swim action comedy, NTSF:SD:SUV. Eric Appel is a regular contributor to Funny Or Die and still performs often at Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre Los Angeles.

He has several great shorts to screen at Super Serious tomorrow night. Grab your tickets for a chance to check them out.

The Bold & The Brutal: Rob Delaney

Photo by Liezl - www.heyitsliezl.comYou are in for a treat– Rob Delaney is in the lineup for our first Summer show - June 16th! Delaney is a Los Angeles based comedian and writer. Audiences can see Delaney perform all over town. Most notably, he is a frequent performer at UCB Theatre. At the theatre, Delaney hosts a popular monthly variety show with his comedian pal, Dave Holmes. Delaney’s brutally honest, yet self-aware, sense of humor makes him an exciting performer to watch. Additionally, you may know Delaney from Twitter, where he, has not only distinguished himself as a champion of tweeting, but has also brought a new smarter meaning to the art of the dick joke.

Recently, Rob Delaney was given his own weekly column for VICE magazine: "Take a Stroll…With Rob Delaney." Topics range from wetting the bed to counseling a lady on her female parts. Delaney’s hilarious and awesome introduction piece for VICE is a great starting off point for Delaney's comedy and his Vice columns.

Also, in case you haven’t seen in it, check out Delaney’s surreal and comedic web series Coma, Period on Strike TV about a man in a coma who trapped inside his own mind. We are super seriously excited to have Rob Delaney on our show this month. Now it's your turn, whether you're a dick joke aficionado or just a dick head, to get excited for Delaney at The Super Serious Show.

Check-out Delaney for yourself at Smashbox this month. Grab tickets here.

Comedy Blessings From Matt Besser

This week’s Super Serious Show will be blessed by the almighty Besser. The supremely talented Upright Citizens Brigade founding member, Matt Besser, will be the first of the UCB members to head over to Smashbox Studios and join Super Serious for what’s sure to be a night of surprises and many laughs.

Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Besser began his comedy career touring the Midwest, performing stand-up and learning improvisation from Del Close at Chicago’s Improv Olympic Theater. In 1991, Besser was one of the founding members of the sketch comedy group, Upright Citizens Brigade. Along with the other founding members (Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh) he performed numerous stage productions, touring the country. The group moved to New York City in 1996 and produced their self-titled Comedy Central sketch show for three seasons (1998 – 2000). The success of the show lead to the group establishing their own comedy theater and improve school in both New York City and Los Angeles. The theaters have become comedy mainstays for both comedy fans and aspiring performers.

Besser’s other television projects include a MTV hidden camera show with Method Man and Redman, Stung. He also co-created and starred in Crossballs for Comedy Central and most recently This Show Will Get You High for Comedy Central, as well. Besser is a frequent guest star, including appearances on Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, Children’s Hopsital, The Sarah Silverman Program, Reno 911!, Frasier and many more.

He is a frequent performer at the LA branch of the UCB Theatre, including writing an co-directing comedy musical “Freak Dance.” Besser is also a regular performer at the popular "ASSSSCAT!" improv show at the theatre. Besser’s performances are always a treat. Besser is also a regular contributor to the popular podcast, Comedy Death-Ray Radio, where he is known to show up impersonating a random assortment of characters.

Grab your tickets for Thursday's show – even we have no idea what to expect. Gold.

Command of The Funny: Jen Kirkman

We’re excited to have the hyper smart and unique comedian Jen Kirkman at Super Serious this month's show. She’s one of our favorite comedians working today. She's a favorite of many others, too - held in high esteem by her comedy peers and audiences all over.

Jen Kirkman's passion and honesty sets her apart from much of the stand-up community. She is a stand-up comedian, television writer and actress. Kirkman’s stage presence is fearless – often engaging the audience and embracing in-the-moment tangents. Some of Kirkman’s most fun comedic moments on stage originate from the venn diagram of her passion and neurosis.

Kirkman most recently was a staff writer for NBC’s Perfect Couples. She spent several years as a head writer/actor on E!’s Chelsea Lately. She is still a regular on Chelsea Lately’s roundtable. Kirkman had a notable appearance as the narrator of HBO’s Funny Or Die “Drunk History,” which received the Jury Prize for “Best Short Film” at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010. She performs stand-up worldwide and has numerous television appearances, including spots on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson, Late Friday and Comedy Central’s Premium Blend. Kirkman was also a cast member of VH1’s sketch show, Accetable TV. In 2006, AST Records released her first comedy album, Self Help. Her second album will be released late this year.

Kirkman is an online favorite through her twitter feed – MSN and The Huffington Post named her one of the top comedians to follow on Twitter. In 2009 Entertainment Weekly also named Kirkman “One of The Top 12 Rising Stars in Comedy.”

For Los Angeles locals, Kirkman currently hosts a monthly talk show at The Upright Citizens Theatre and often performs at The Hollywood Improv, The Laugh Factory and Largo.

In our past comedy life, we used to run a show at The Laugh Factory in Hollywood. The sunset strip comedy club is not always the most inspiring comedy environment, but Kirkman's numerous performances were always a treat. Engaging, sweet and always one of the funniest people in the room, Kirkman’s visits to the show were a highlight. Her comedy and our experiences working with her is one of the main reasons we created The Super Serious Show – to give great comedians a cool space to do their thing.

Grab your tickets to the March 17th show to catch Kirkman live.

As a treat, here's Jen Kirkman in the always funny online series, Drunk History.


A Kiss From Daddy: Silly and Indecent

We have another great sketch group at Super Serious this month - the comedy institution: A Kiss From Daddy. The group hails from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, where they perform a brand new show each month to sold-out crowds. Featuring nine talented writers and performers, A Kiss From Daddy balances lighthearted silliness and profound indecency in a unique style of sketch comedy.

Members of the group have appeared in movies and TV shows like Inglourious Basterds, Hung and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Members have written for Parks and Recreation, Human Giant, The Onion, and much more. Their videos can be seen at funnyordie.com and ucbcomedy.com.

A Kiss From Daddy is:
Eva Anderson
Mookie Blaiklock
Neil Campbell
Michael Cassady
Dave Horwitz
Allan McLeod
Paul Rust
Nick Wiger
Harris Wittels

Grab your tickets and catch get your dose of A Kiss From Daddy tomorrow night at Smashbox Studios.

Comedy Coupling: The New York Smiths

We have one of the great young comedy duos, The New York Smiths, at this week’s Super Serious Show.

The New York Smiths are Chris Smith (The Office, 30 Rock) and Rebecca Smith (RebeccaSports.com, Sesame Street), a married couple who are also part of the award winning comedy group, Harvard Sailing Team.

The Smiths are have great charisma and chemistry on stage together. They’ve been gaining steam in the comedy world through their energetic and playful comedy work in both New York and Los Angeles. Their recent sketch show “The New York Smiths: Romantic Comedy” had a run at The Peoples Improv Theater (NYC), The UCB Theatre (LA) and Comedy Central Stages (LA). You can find more information at www.TheNewYorkSmiths.com.

Come discover The New York Smiths for youself this week at Super Serious. Save money and grab your tickets early for Thursday's show.

Birthday Boys Videos Coming Your Way

We'll be showing some great Birthday Boys videos at the show this week. The Birthday Boys are one of the best sketch groups in LA and probably the whole country. They're smart and funny and likeable...which is really weird.  While we missed out on seeing them live at our show this month, they make some mean videos. Comedy film director Adam McKay and Los Angeles Times have given them props in recent months. We're guessing it's only the start of bigger things. Come see their new video plus a few favorites at the show this Thursday.

Photography by Mandee Johnson

Photography by Mandee Johnson

The Birthday Boys have a monthly show at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. Here's one of our favorite Birthday Boys vidoes.

Mike Phirman Added to July Lineup

Music Comedy is coming to the July show! Mike Phirman, the crazy-talented (much better than "talented-crazy," I think) musical comedian will be performing. Mike is half of the popular musical duo, Hard 'N Phirm - the other half being comedian Chris Hardwick. Mike is a skilled musician who brings a playful and smart style to his comedy and songs. His music will definitely add another level of fun to our July show. We're excited to see him perform live. Click here for tickets.

Mike just released his debut solo album, The Very Last Songs I Will Ever Record (Part One). Here's a great video of Mike riffing on the live "build-a-song" technique currently popularized by the great Reggie Watts. The clip is from his June 15th album release show at UCB Theatre LA.  It's a nice intro into the Phirman world.

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