A Kiss From Daddy: Silly and Indecent

We have another great sketch group at Super Serious this month - the comedy institution: A Kiss From Daddy. The group hails from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, where they perform a brand new show each month to sold-out crowds. Featuring nine talented writers and performers, A Kiss From Daddy balances lighthearted silliness and profound indecency in a unique style of sketch comedy.

Members of the group have appeared in movies and TV shows like Inglourious Basterds, Hung and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Members have written for Parks and Recreation, Human Giant, The Onion, and much more. Their videos can be seen at funnyordie.com and ucbcomedy.com.

A Kiss From Daddy is:
Eva Anderson
Mookie Blaiklock
Neil Campbell
Michael Cassady
Dave Horwitz
Allan McLeod
Paul Rust
Nick Wiger
Harris Wittels

Grab your tickets and catch get your dose of A Kiss From Daddy tomorrow night at Smashbox Studios.

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