Keilly & Roeters: Double The Fun

The dynamic comedy duo, Keilly & Roeters, will be performing this Thursday at Smashbox Studios. Suzanne Keilly and Kirsten Roeters will be bringing loads of energy and variety to Super Serious. There’s a lot going on at a Keilly & Roeters show. They’re skilled improvisers, songwriters, filmmakers and magicians, to boot. They bring it all to the show, wrapped in a fun charming bow.

Keilly and Roeters are a writing and performing team at heart. Both Keilly and Roeters are skilled actresses at the core. They started out on their comedy path at The Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles, meeting and beginning to perform together. They have been touring nationwide since. Their honors include receiving “Best of The Fest” by Time Out Chicago, NOW Toronto voting them one of the Top Ten Comedy Acts and winning the Grand Prix award at the Paris Trest Courts Festival.

These are two of the most charming and funny performers working today. Catch the Keilly & Roeters goodnesss this Thursday at Super Serious.

Comedy Character: Kyle Dunnigan

This Thursday, Kyle Dunnigan will be coming to Smashbox for the May Super Serious Show. Dunnigan is an energetic and talented comedian who always surprises with his comedy and performances. His comedy ranges from daily life musings to crazy tangents, always delivered with a sneaky cool confidence.

Kyle Dunnigan is an alumni of the Groundlings Sunday Company. Dunnigan’s best known from his role as Craig (aka the Truckee River Killer) on Reno 911!. Dunnigan is an accomplished stand-up with his own half-hour special on Comedy Central, along with Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Kimmel Live and the Late Late Show. He’s also appeared on NBC’s Howie Do It and FOX’s Cedric The Entertainer Presents.

Dunnigan also produced and starred in the popular web series, Craig Vs. Wild. The series boasts over two million views. Dunnigan recently started the Professor Blastoff podcast with his comedy friends, Tig Notaro and David Huntsberger.

Catch Kyle Dunnigan at Super Serious this Thursday.

Act a Fool: Andrea Savage

Andrea Savage is a true talent with a litany of comedy skills and she’s coming to The Super Serious Show this week. She’s been one of our favorite comedic performers for awhile now and we’re luck to catch her return to the stage.

Savage's performances always bring the unexpected and she has the special ability be both the silly one and the straight-man in any given scene. Always upping the funny quota in the process.

Savage was recently seen in Dinner for Schmucks, opposite Paul Rudd and Steve Carell. Prior to that, she appeared in a television pilot created by Tom Lennon and Ben Garant, as well as I Love You Beth Cooper and Step Brothers,  opposite John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell with Adam McKay directing and Judd Apatow producing. She can next be seen in Wilfred, the half-hour comedy starring Elijah Wood for FX.

Savage’s improvisation background from The Groundlings led her to lead roles in The Grand opposite Woody Harrelson and Dog Bites Man, the short lived but stand-out Comedy Central show created by Dan Mazer (Borat).

In addition to her great acting and improv skills, Savage is an accomplished writer. She is currently writing a feature comedy script for Castle Rock Entertainment and recently wrote an untitled half-hour pilot script for 20th Century Fox TV through Chernin Entertainment.

Savage frequently collaborates with Funny Or Die, as well. Here's a clip from a few year ago with Savage interviewing her fellow Funny Or Die Tour buddies. Enjoy.                                                                                                     


Mad Comedy: Arden Mryin

File Arden Myrin under the automatically funny category. Myrin's been popping up in movies and television shows for awhile now and always makes a mark. She'll be making a special live appearance at this month's Super Serious Show.  Mryin is one of the best sketch and improv comedic actors working today.  Catching a liver performance from Myrin is sure to be a treat.

Arden Myrin gained notoriety as a regular cast member on MADtv. She also appeared on such hit shows as Friends, Reno 911, Just Shoot Me, Gilmore Girls, Kitchen Confidential, and more.  Her film credit’s include “Kinsey”, “The Lucky Ones”, “What Women Want’, ““Deconstructing Harry”, “The Imposters”, “ Autofocus”, “and The Informant”.  Myrin is a frequent talk show guest with appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien”, Howard Stern, Chelsea Lately, Loveline, among others.

Myrin is a founding member of the long-form improv team "God Squad" IOWest at IOWest in Los Angeles. The heradled group started in 2001. Myrin also has roots at Upright Citizen Brigade Theatre and The Groundlings.

Enjoy the special treat of Arden Myrin at The Super Serious Show this week.

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