suzanne keilly

Keilly & Roeters: Double The Fun

The dynamic comedy duo, Keilly & Roeters, will be performing this Thursday at Smashbox Studios. Suzanne Keilly and Kirsten Roeters will be bringing loads of energy and variety to Super Serious. There’s a lot going on at a Keilly & Roeters show. They’re skilled improvisers, songwriters, filmmakers and magicians, to boot. They bring it all to the show, wrapped in a fun charming bow.

Keilly and Roeters are a writing and performing team at heart. Both Keilly and Roeters are skilled actresses at the core. They started out on their comedy path at The Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles, meeting and beginning to perform together. They have been touring nationwide since. Their honors include receiving “Best of The Fest” by Time Out Chicago, NOW Toronto voting them one of the Top Ten Comedy Acts and winning the Grand Prix award at the Paris Trest Courts Festival.

These are two of the most charming and funny performers working today. Catch the Keilly & Roeters goodnesss this Thursday at Super Serious.

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