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The Super Serious Show with Jimmy Pardo

*Photo by Rebecca Adler RotenbergWe're ending the year with a bang...and cliches apparently. One of the best and one of our favorite comedians around, Jimmy Pardo is heading up our December 15th show at Smashbox. The master of off-the-cuff riffing, Pardo's comedy is full of force and charm. And he's back for a return visit to the Super Serious Show.

Pardo continues to work the comedy masses, touring nationally and serving as the opening act for Conan O'Brien's live talk show tapings. Pardo also brings comedy to directly to the people with his weekly and much heraled podcast, Never Not Funny. He also recorded two comedy albums, Uno and Pompous Clown.

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This month's show will serve as a benefit for OPCC ( OPCC is a great organization that does a ton for local familes. In addition to the ticket price help, we'll be having a clothing drive. Bring those extra clothes and help out!

Grab your tickets for the December 15th show now before you miss out.

Super Serious Show with Jimmy Pardo

Comedian Jimmy Pardo wouldn't ever admit it, but he's one of today's comedy kings. Full of bluster, wit and charm, the ultimate emcee able to play to many an audience, Pardo keeps us all guessing while keeping himself in a shroud of doubt.

This month, he'll be holding court at Smashbox Studios for the next fun-filled Super Serious. We're excited to finally have him run the show.

Photo by Robin Von SwankJimmy Pardo is a rare breed of comedian, with natural knack for finding the funny both on and off stage. He's one of the best off-the-cuff comedians working today, often performing unscripted material for an entire stand-up show.

His comedy is a combo-affair - playful, witty, combatitive, self-depricating and intelligent - all together in one tightly wound Pardo package.

Pardo's comedic skills are always on display during his fun and smart weekly podcast, the super popular Never Not Funny. Pardo was one of the first comedians to take to the podcast medium, changing the way comedians gain traction online, finding new ways to connect with fans. Past Never Not Funny guests include, Conan O'Brien, Adam Carolla, Kevin Pollack, Sarah Silverman, Jon Hamm, Ty Burrell, Rich Sommer and many more.

In addition to the podcast, Pardo also continues to headline nationwide at the top comedy clubs. Pardo currently works as Conan O'Brien's opening act on Conan, continuing his same role from O'Brien's Tonight Show run.

Not surprisingly with his bevy of talent and personable approach, Pardo has numerous television and film appearances, too. Some of his appearances include performing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. He also had his own half-hour special, Comedy Central Presents Jimmy Pardo.

Los Angeles locals can often find Pardo at one of his monthly hosted shows at the famed Upright Citizen's Brigade Theatre.

He also recorded two comedy albums, Uno and Pompous Clown.

Catch Pardo's one-of-a-kind comedy Thursday, February 17th at Super SeriousClick here for tickets.

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