marc maron

Marc Maron: Force of Personality

A philosopher for our WTF times? Comedian and force-of-personality, Marc Maron, fits the bill. We're extremely honored and excited to have him stop by Super Serious tomorrow to share the funny and maybe a little bit of wisdom, too.

Marc Maron brings the funny from all over - stand-up, author, actor, radio personality and podcast impresario. Often manic, always funny, Maron is one of the most honest and insightful comedians working today.

Maron appeared on numerous shows over the years, including HBO, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Late Show with David Letterman, two Comedy Central Presents specials.

He performed a solo show based on his two divorces and anger problem called, "Scorching the Earth." Maron hosts the wildly popular podcast WTF with Marc Maron. His three comedy albums, Not Sold Out, Tickets Still Available and Final Engagement are comedy cult classics.

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