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T.J. Miller Is Ridiculous

Comedian T.J. Miller is coming back to Super Serious Show for more ridiculous fun. Thursday, January 19th! We're pretty confident it's going to be ridiculous. And we can't wait. Miller is headed up our October show this past Fall and brought a lot of great moments into the Super Serious fold.

This November Comedy Central aired Miller's 1-hour special, No Real Reason. And Miller also released a music album, The Extended Play E.P. Yes - it's still random. He's one of our favorite comedic actors and performers working today.

For even more Miller, go here.

Grab tickets for the January 19th show.

The Super Serious Show with T.J. Miller

Don’t lose your shit or anything but T.J. Miller is the new headliner for the October Super Serious Show. Miller is an actor and comedian best known for his absurd sense of humor. In recent years, Miller’s film and comedy career has really taken off. You may recognize him from the comedy film, Our Idiot Brother, which he starred alongside Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks. He has also appeared in a number of other films such as Get Him to the Greek with Jonah Hill and Russell Brand, Gulliver’s Travels, She’s Out of My League, Yogi Bear and Mike Judge’s Extract.

Additionally, he’s showcased his talents on such television shows as Chelsea Lately, Conan and Late Show with David Letterman

This past September, Miller released his debut music comedy album, The Extended Play E.P., for Comedy Central Records. We are just hoping and praying that Miller will drop lyrical, magical bombs on us at this upcoming show. 

Grab tickets for the October 20th show before it’s too late.

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