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Bring The Spunk: Christina Pazsitzky

Our favorite Los Angeles born and raised comedians, Christina Pazsitzky, is bringing the funny to Super Serious this week. No need to put her in the always-pointless chick corner - Pazsitzky's comedy ignores easy labels and covers all sorts of topics.

Pazsitzky is a stand-up comedian and writer who is a Los Angeles native and proud of it. Her comedy effortlessly coasts from topic to topic, always with a heavy dose of wit and charm. Always with a sharp take or two on her crazy but loveable hometown city.

A regular on the popular E! show Chelsea Lately, Pazsitzky is often touring comedy clubs nationwide. In the past few years, she earned her stripes by entertaining the troops in the Middle East, Africa and South Korea.

A long-time veteran of television, you can also see Pazsitzky on the E! Television’s Wildest TV Moments.  She hosted the FX series Hitchiker Chronicles and was a cast member on MTV’s Road Rules Australia. She was a regional finalist on Season 6 and 7 of NBC’s Last Comic Standing and is a featured comedian on Animal Planet’s The A List.  She also appeared in feature films with the ‘Jackass’ boys in TV: The Movie.

In 2007, she placed 2nd in California’s Funniest Female contest and was given the “Up and Coming Writer’ Award in Animation Magazine for her comedy writing work. You can often hear her on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Radio Show.

Bonus points for knowing before becoming a Comedian, Pazsitzky studied Philosophy at Oxford University and attended Law School for two entire weeks. Smart, irreverent and funny - all in one spunky Pazsitzky package.

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