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Super Serious June Photos

Summer started off with a bang at our June show. A ton of fun performances from Natasha Leggero, Greg Fitzsimmons, Rob Delaney, Paul Scheer, Andrew Donnelly and Keilly & Roeters. Plus, we caught three funny videos from up-and-coming director, Eric Appel. It was a blast thanks to our kick-ass crowd who was game for it all.

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Andrew Donnelly: Off-Kilter Comedy

This Thursday, comedian Andrew Donnelly, will be performing at the show. Andrew Donnelly is one of our favorite under-the-radar comedians. Donnelly is a stand-up, writer and actor. His comedy is comes to life with his off-kilter approach to topics, a great sense of the moment and a fearlessness to embrace the setting and the crowd, no matter the circumenstance. Donnelly is a skilled off-the-cuff performer, always ready with a slew of hilarious tangents. Donnelly has numerous television appearances, including The Office, Late Friday, Premium Blend, The Late Late Show, The Life & Times of Tim and Important Things with Demetri Martin. He’s also appeared at numerous festivals, including Just For Laughs Montreal and the HBO Aspen Comedy festival.

Enjoy the comedy goodness of Andrew Donnelly this Thursday. Grab tickets for the Super Serious Show at Smashbox Studios.

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