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Super Serious November Photos

Our November show was a memorable one, indeed. Chris Hardwick took the reigns and we were off to a fun night. Gafrunkel & Oates and Weird Al Yankovic treated us to a surprise set, performing 3 songs and blowing people's minds. Chris Kattan did an oddball and fun surprise drop-in set, too. We also had killer performances from Sarah Tiana, Greg Behrendt and Drennon Davis. There were also three fun shorts from Lauren Palmigiano. Thanks again to our great crowd for staying for the long haul even when the drinks ran out. We're always lucky to have such a great turnout.

Check out our photos from our awesome photographer, Rebecca Rotenberg, at her site: And more Super Serious photos at our Flickr Page!

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Super Serious October Photos

We had an insanely fun time at the October show headed up by T.J. Miller, who brings screwing around to an artistic level. Great performances by Miller, Amy Schumer, Matt Knudsen, Garfunkel & Oates and Alex Fernie & Alex Berg. The super talented director Jason Woliner treated us to a sweet sneak preview of a Season 2 Eagleheart episode, too. Thanks to everyone who made it out!

Check out our photos from photographer supreme, Rebecca Rotenberg, at her site: And more Super Serious photos at our Flickr Page!


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Garfunkel & Oates: Back For More

Garfunkel & Oates, one of our favorite musical comedy duos returns to Super Serious this month. Back for more laughs and music at Smashbox Studios. The mischievous partners-in-crime, Kate Miccuci and Riki Lindhome bring guaranteed fun to the proceedings anytime they step on stage.

The ladies continue to gain fans from all over, touring nation wide and even going global, too. They're a seemingly never ending source of great comedy, with new songs and videos released onto the world at a regular clip. They recently released their 2nd album, All Over Your Face, full of sweet and silly songs sure to get stuck in your head at any given moment.

Be sure to check-out Riki's very cool weekly podcast, Making It. The show is part of Chris Hardwick's ever growing Nerdist Industries podcast network.

You can catch up on more Garfunkel & Oates at their Super Serious Show page or their site,

Grab tickets for the October 20th show with Garfunkel & Oates.

Check-out this recent fun song and video they did with the always awesome, David Wain.

Super Serious September Photos

The September show was another special night at Smashbox Studios. Lots of laughter, drinking and randomness. Great performances by Dana Gould, Arden Myrin, Andy Peters, The Walsh Brothers and Garfunkel & Oates. Definitely a memorable night for all who attended. Here are some great photographs from Mandee Johnson.  See these and more at our Flickr page!

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