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Leaving A Good Impression: Melissa Villasenor

Melissa Villasenor, a supremely talented, young and upcoming comedian and impressionist, will be on this week’s Super Serious Show and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Villesnor started performing stand-up at the age 15 and has since made a name for herself as a specialist of celebrity impressions. Villesenor’s charming personality helps make her frighteningly good impressions never seem mean, but silly and light-hearted.

Recently, Villasenor performed on NBC’s America’s Got Talent, where she wowed the judges and audience with her spot-on impressions of Barbara Walters, Natalie Portman, Miley Cyrus, Kathie Griffin and Christina Aguilera. Villasenor’s impression of Aguilera belting out a tune also exemplified her talent as both a comedian and a vocalist. She definitely has some pipes. Additionally, Villasenor can be seen on NuvoTV’s original comedy series, Latino 101. She can be seen performing at venues in Los Angeles such as the Comedy Store and the Hollywood Improv. One thing is certain, expect big things for this young super star.

Click here for tickets to see Melissa & the rest of The Super Serious Show at Smashbox Studios - Thursday, July 21st.

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