Comedy Heart: Nick Jasenovec

Get super duper excited! Nick Jasenovec will be screening an episode from season three of Adult Swim’s Delocated, at the Super Serious Show this Thursday! If you aren’t familiar with Delocated, it’s one of the most fun and original comedy series out there starring some of the funniest comedians working today (Jon Glaser). Jasenovec is a director and writer best known for the film, Paper Heart, which he directed and co-wrote alongside Charlyne Yi. Additionally, he directed several episodes of HBO’s Funny or Die Presents, as well as some of our favorite funny online videos. Case and point: and

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Comedy Charisma: Nigel Lawrence

*Photo by Mandee JohnsonAnother returning champ coming back to Super Serious. Nigel Lawrence, a smart-ass and charming stand-up is on tap. Lawrence is a stand-out Canadian performer. His comedy is charismatic mix of storytelling and off-beat observations. He's performed at the Just For Laughs Comedy festival and has numerous TV appeareances, including Comedy Central's Live at Gotham and Chelsea Lately on E! Television. Lawrence is one of our favorite performers working today.  We're excited to have him back at the show!

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The Crazy Fun of James Adomian

Photo by Rebecca RotenbergJames Adomian, one of our favorite crazy fun performers is returning to Super Serious this month - February 16th! He's got comedy skills all over, most notably his gifted impression work and high-energy boundary defying stand-up. Adomian never shies away from a topic or a chance to be silly. His work on numerous podcasts in the Earwolf family and more is some serious fun stuff. Adomian tours nationally.

Check out his Super Serious page for photos and more info. Plus, you can keep track of Adomian fun via his Tumblr or Twitter (@jadomian).

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Super Serious January Photos

It happened! Our first show of 2012 and first show at Cafe Club Fais Do-Do. Johnny Pemberton and the rest of the gang of comedians started it off well. Performances included T.J. Miller (explaining the lights), Sean Conroy, Chris Hardwick, Barry Rothbart, Matt McKenna and videos from Shepard Boucher.

Check out our photos from the super talented Rebecca Rotenberg at her site: And more Super Serious photos at our Flickr Page!

Mary Lynn Rajskub Is Comedy Fun

Mary Lynn Rajskub is back on the Super Serious path - heading to the show this month - February 16th.  Check-out the fun things we mentioned last month. The magic of Rajskub:

Hands down, Rajskub is one of our favorite funny people working today. As a stand-up, she truly has a brilliant and unique stage presence. Her performances often are full of off-the-cuff moments and a ton of honest hilarious insights. Both silly and profound, Rajskub’s always fun to watch.

As a comedic actress, Rajskub first gained attention for her roles on such classic comedy shows as Mr. Show with Bob Odenkirk and David Cross and The Larry Sanders Show. You also may recognize her as the actress who played Chloe O’Brian for a whopping 10 seasons on the popular television series, 24.

Additionally, Rajskub has impressively appeared on almost every late night show out there, including Conan, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, The Tonight Show, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and The Late Show with David Letterman.

We couldn’t be more excited for Rajskub to take the stage at our show. Trust us, she’s the best person ever.

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Character Carnival: David Koechner

*Photo by Mandee JohnsonHoly moley! We're excited to have David Koechner back at the show this month. Koechner helped kick start Super Serious at our very first show. He's an all-around comedy all-star - a master of comedic characters and live performer.

Koechner is known for his great comedic roles in film and television, including Saturday Night Live, Late Night With Conan O'Brien, The Office, Anchorman, Thank You For Smoking, The Comebacks and many more. He's created some of the most memorable characters - all with a bit of edge and heart. Koechner's recent roles include voice work for American Dad and the new Beavis and Butthead series.

More info on Koechner here and at his Super Serious page.

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The Super Serious Show With Jen Kirkman

Hooray - Jen Kirkman! One of our favorite comedy people is heading up our February show. Kirman is one of the best comedians working today. She's always honest and on point with her performances. Kirkman commands the stage and is unlike any other performer working today.

Kirkman tours nationally and is a veteran member of the Chelsea Lately team and one of the stars of the sister show, After Lately. Last year, Kirkman wrote for Perfect Couples. Last year she released her latest comedy album, Hail To The Freaks.

More Kirkman here and at

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The Way of The Wit: Sean Conroy

*Photo by Mandee JohnsonThursday is coming quick. Get ready. Another one of our favorite performers, Sean Conroy, is returning to The Super Serious Show. Comedian Sean Conroy is one of the more versitle performers working today. He's a writer, improv performer, stand-up and the lead host of The Long Shot podcast. Conroy combines an active wit and dry humor with his creative off-beat improv skills.

Conroy is a regular performer as Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, including his regular appearances at the famous ASSSSCAT improv show, along side the other founding members. For more Conroy check-out his Super Serious page and his site,

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The Many Laughs of Matt McKenna

Don’t be a big fool and miss Matt McKenna at our January 19th Show! Mckenna is one of the more creative and entertaining character-based comedians that you can see performing around town. Most recently, you may have seen Mckenna performing his crazy fun stand-up show, Enter Spider, at Nerd Melt Theater, where he plays a range of amusing and bizarre comedians. Additionally, McKenna is often recognized for his work as a writer and voice actor on FOX’s animated sitcom American Dad. He’s contributed his voice to such memorable characters as Cap’n Monty, Buckle and Lindbergh Baby.


Fun fact about McKenna: He started doing stand-up in high school at the age of 16, becoming one of the Comedy Store’s youngest comedians.

Now do you get why you can’t miss this???  Good.  Now buy your tickets.

T.J. Miller Is Ridiculous

Comedian T.J. Miller is coming back to Super Serious Show for more ridiculous fun. Thursday, January 19th! We're pretty confident it's going to be ridiculous. And we can't wait. Miller is headed up our October show this past Fall and brought a lot of great moments into the Super Serious fold.

This November Comedy Central aired Miller's 1-hour special, No Real Reason. And Miller also released a music album, The Extended Play E.P. Yes - it's still random. He's one of our favorite comedic actors and performers working today.

For even more Miller, go here.

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Laugh Hard With Barry Rothbart

Holy yes! Barry Rothbart will be performing at this month’s Super Serious Show. Rothbart is an up and coming comedian based in Los Angeles who will make you laugh hard and charm your socks off.

Most recently, Rothbart made his late night debut on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. If you didn’t catch this sweet television event, Rothbart covers a range of topics including the sounds you make when you’re growing older, how you know you live in a bad neighborhood and his thoughts on Justin Bieber 3-D concert film. Additionally, Rothbart was a New Face at the prestigious Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.

Rothbart has also appeared on television. He’s worked on TNT’s Men of a Certain Age and Do Whatever. Get ready because Rothbart is coming to town and he’s going to steal your heart while you laugh uncontrollably.

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The Super Serious Show with Johnny Pemberton

*Photo by Rebecca RotenbergOur new headliner to kick-off the new year and the new location is comedian Johnny Pemberton! Pemberton is a returning Super Serious pal. We're excited to get even more crazy comedy from Pemberton at this month's show - January 19th.

Pemberton is one of the best young comedians working today. He tours nationally and always brings surprises to his live performances. He's been adding to his acting resume, of late. You can see him in the upcoming feature, 21 Jump Street. Check-out his Super Serious page for all the awesome things he's up to, along with his Super Serious photos.

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Super Serious December Photos

We ended 2011 and our awesome 18-month run at Smashbox Studios with a particularly fun and crazy show. Jimmy Pardo lead the way with help from Finesse Mitchell, Andy Peters, Karl Hess and Eric Andre. Plus, we got to see the first episode of the 2nd season of Jason Nash Is Married.

Thanks to everyone who made time during the holidays to make it out to the show and brought a ton of clothes for our OPCC clothing drive. It was a tremendous success.

Check out our photos from our awesome photographer, Rebecca Rotenberg, at her site: And more Super Serious photos at our Flickr Page!

Grabbing A Few Spots on The Comedy Bureau 2011 List

Jake Kroeger (aka The Comedy Bureau) made an awesome comedy list to recap the great year that was 2011. We're excited The Super Serious show made a few slots on his recent 'Best Things in Comedy' 2011 list. Our apperances:

49. The Super Serious Show proves Field of Dreams adage works in comedy-Not located at Largo or the UCB Theatre in Hollywood, The Super Serious Show has built a loyal, paying fanbase of their monthly comedy variety show that makes Culver City cool even if you thought it was stuck-up.

66. Reggie Watts “does” the theme to Charles in Charge-Live at the Super Serious Show, Reggie Watts does what he does best by doing whatever he feels like doing like the theme to Charles in Charge, sort of.

96. Dave Kloc gives an indie rock mythos to comedy shows with his posters-Designer of the posters for Meltdown and the Super Serious Show, Dave Kloc really goes out his way to give live comedy the amazing posters it deserves.

The Comedy Bureau is a must for comedy fans and Kroeger's 2011 list is a great recap and/or primer to catch-up on the awesome and fun work comedy from comedians these days.

We're excited to start another year of shows and getting into this comedy fun.  Next show - January 19th!

Sneak Peek of New Season of Jason Nash Is Married

Jason Nash is treating us all to a sneak preview episode of the new season of the popular web series, Jason Nash Is Married. The series is chalked full of comedy greatness and has a ton of great cameos and performances from some of our favorite comedians and actors.

Nash is a comedian, actor, writer, producer - basically if it's funny he's probably doing it. And you're probably watching or should be. Nash is a nationally touring stand-up comedian and also hosts and produces the long running podcast, Guys With Feelings. He's developed and written for numerous television shows. Nash was also a cast member of the VH1 sketch show, Random Play. A few of his TV appearances include Reno 911! and The Andy Dick Show. Nash currently lives in Los Angeles.

Click here for tickets and get pumped for the episode of Jason Nash Is Married.

Super Serious November Photos

Our November show was a memorable one, indeed. Chris Hardwick took the reigns and we were off to a fun night. Gafrunkel & Oates and Weird Al Yankovic treated us to a surprise set, performing 3 songs and blowing people's minds. Chris Kattan did an oddball and fun surprise drop-in set, too. We also had killer performances from Sarah Tiana, Greg Behrendt and Drennon Davis. There were also three fun shorts from Lauren Palmigiano. Thanks again to our great crowd for staying for the long haul even when the drinks ran out. We're always lucky to have such a great turnout.

Check out our photos from our awesome photographer, Rebecca Rotenberg, at her site: And more Super Serious photos at our Flickr Page!

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Wit To Spare: Karl Hess

Karl Hess will be making you laugh at this month’s Super Serious Show. If you’re a fan of local live comedy, then you’ve probably run into Karl Hess.

Hess regularly appears on some of the best comedy shows in town. Hess’ comedy is filled with witty, often random, observations and stories that you will no doubt find hilarious. His cool hair and sweet personality will make you an instant fan of his and if not, we will give you none of your money back. None.

More about Hess– he was featured as a New Face at the 2010 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. Additionally, he has performed stand-up at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, Laughing Skull Comedy Festival in Atlanta and the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival. He was recently voted by as one of the best Underground Comics of 2011 and featured on their album, Silver Nails.

Grab a ticket to the show for some quality Hess time.

Finesse Mitchell On Tap

*Photo by Je'BoWe come bearing the best news ever...Finesse Mitchell is in the lineup for this month’s Super Serious Show! Mitchell is an actor, stand-up comedian and published author, who’s probably best known for his appearances as a cast member on Saturday Night Live. Mitchell currently can be seen on the popular Disney Channel show, A.N.T Farm.

Some of his television credits include, The Today Show, Tyra Banks Show, Chelsea Lately, ABC’s Comic Unleashed, Comedy Central Presents, The Late Show with Conan O’Brian, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn and BET’s Comic View.

Additionally, Mitchell appeared in such films as Mad Money, Who’s Your Caddy and The Comebacks.
On top of all this, in 2007, Mitchell published his first book Your Girlfriends Only Know So Much, which offers dating advice to women seeking honest and real answers to age-old relationship questions.

As a stand-up, Mitchell has performed sold-out live performances across the country and abroad. Mitchell is one of the smoothest and more seasoned comics working today. His effortless and cool delivery is always coupled with hilarious material, which can cover everything from his own personal relationships to current events.

Mitchell is a pro and we couldn’t be more psyched to have him on board this December! Now you get psyched! Now you get psyched!

Click here for tickets.

Kaboom! Eric Andre!

*Photo by Susan MossKaboom! Comedian and actor Eric Andre will be taking the Super Serious stage at Smashbox Studios at the December show. Andre’s off-the-wall approach to comedy and spastic on-stage energy make him one of the more exciting performers to watch. Never expect a dull performance from this super talented comic. He will blow your mind away and permanently alter it for the better.

You may recognize Andre from his television roles on such popular shows as Curb Your Enthusiasm and Hot in Cleveland. As a stand-up, Andre has appeared on Live at Gotham, Hatin on MTV, The Awkward Comedy Show on Comedy Central and Lopez Tonight. Additionally, he has performed at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland and the HBO Comedy Festival in Aspen.

We are super excited for Andre’s Super Serious debut, and all of the other fun that is to come at this month’s show.

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The Super Serious Show with Jimmy Pardo

*Photo by Rebecca Adler RotenbergWe're ending the year with a bang...and cliches apparently. One of the best and one of our favorite comedians around, Jimmy Pardo is heading up our December 15th show at Smashbox. The master of off-the-cuff riffing, Pardo's comedy is full of force and charm. And he's back for a return visit to the Super Serious Show.

Pardo continues to work the comedy masses, touring nationally and serving as the opening act for Conan O'Brien's live talk show tapings. Pardo also brings comedy to directly to the people with his weekly and much heraled podcast, Never Not Funny. He also recorded two comedy albums, Uno and Pompous Clown.

For more Pardo, check-out his Super Serious Show portraits.

For even more Pardo, check-out his site:

This month's show will serve as a benefit for OPCC ( OPCC is a great organization that does a ton for local familes. In addition to the ticket price help, we'll be having a clothing drive. Bring those extra clothes and help out!

Grab your tickets for the December 15th show now before you miss out.

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