Super Serious December Photos

We ended 2011 and our awesome 18-month run at Smashbox Studios with a particularly fun and crazy show. Jimmy Pardo lead the way with help from Finesse Mitchell, Andy Peters, Karl Hess and Eric Andre. Plus, we got to see the first episode of the 2nd season of Jason Nash Is Married.

Thanks to everyone who made time during the holidays to make it out to the show and brought a ton of clothes for our OPCC clothing drive. It was a tremendous success.

Check out our photos from our awesome photographer, Rebecca Rotenberg, at her site: And more Super Serious photos at our Flickr Page!

It's Spangler Time

Get ready for The Spanglers at Super Serious Show this Thursday. Jamie and Vanessa Spanglers are the awesome married couple comedy duo bringing Americana, fun and goodness to the stage. They're an off-beat but always wholesome comedy team that bring a bucket full of charm to their performances. Of late, they've been performing regularly at the Improv Lab in Hollywood. Check-out the online description for the duo:

The Spanglers' hail from Americana-laden America and were raised on song, dance, and a love for fashion.

From child stars to adult entertainers (but not *adult entertainers*) the Spanglers have maintained a commitment to flash and dazzle, while staying really down to earth.

In 2011, The Spanglers are on the comeback trail, so look out for new recordings, and live stage appearances in your town soon!

Grab tickets for Thursday's dose of Spangler Americana fun.

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