Matt McKenna

The Many Laughs of Matt McKenna

Don’t be a big fool and miss Matt McKenna at our January 19th Show! Mckenna is one of the more creative and entertaining character-based comedians that you can see performing around town. Most recently, you may have seen Mckenna performing his crazy fun stand-up show, Enter Spider, at Nerd Melt Theater, where he plays a range of amusing and bizarre comedians. Additionally, McKenna is often recognized for his work as a writer and voice actor on FOX’s animated sitcom American Dad. He’s contributed his voice to such memorable characters as Cap’n Monty, Buckle and Lindbergh Baby.


Fun fact about McKenna: He started doing stand-up in high school at the age of 16, becoming one of the Comedy Store’s youngest comedians.

Now do you get why you can’t miss this???  Good.  Now buy your tickets.

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