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Grabbing A Few Spots on The Comedy Bureau 2011 List

Jake Kroeger (aka The Comedy Bureau) made an awesome comedy list to recap the great year that was 2011. We're excited The Super Serious show made a few slots on his recent 'Best Things in Comedy' 2011 list. Our apperances:

49. The Super Serious Show proves Field of Dreams adage works in comedy-Not located at Largo or the UCB Theatre in Hollywood, The Super Serious Show has built a loyal, paying fanbase of their monthly comedy variety show that makes Culver City cool even if you thought it was stuck-up.

66. Reggie Watts “does” the theme to Charles in Charge-Live at the Super Serious Show, Reggie Watts does what he does best by doing whatever he feels like doing like the theme to Charles in Charge, sort of.

96. Dave Kloc gives an indie rock mythos to comedy shows with his posters-Designer of the posters for Meltdown and the Super Serious Show, Dave Kloc really goes out his way to give live comedy the amazing posters it deserves.

The Comedy Bureau is a must for comedy fans and Kroeger's 2011 list is a great recap and/or primer to catch-up on the awesome and fun work comedy from comedians these days.

We're excited to start another year of shows and getting into this comedy fun.  Next show - January 19th!

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