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Super Serious Goes Holiday

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right? So The Super Serious Show is going Holiday this month. All of the usual fun happening at Smashbox Studios - comedy, music, food truck, sweets, Function Drinks and FREE BEER from Eagle Rock Brewery.

In honor of the holidays, we're offering a suped-up all-in-one Holiday Ticket for you and your friends.

*1 show admission ticket
*1 meal ticket, redeemable at Willoughby Road the onsite gourmet food truck
*1 sweets ticket, redeemable for a dessert item from the J-Squared Bakery at the show
*1 Raffle Ticket, with a chance to win a gift from our sponsors or tickets to the show
*Access to an open beer and wine bar with beer from Eagle Rock Brewery
*Free Function Drinks
*Reserved seating upon request

Bring your friends, coworkers and/or enemies to the show this month for the best comedy holiday party of the season. The Holiday Tickets are $18 (only $3 more than the regular door price)!

Reserve your Holiday Ticket ahead of time be emailing us at info@superseriousshow.com

A portion of the proceeds from the show is going to benefit the great Ocean Park Community Center organization.

OPCC provides assistance to low-income and homeless youth, adults and families,
battered women and their children, at-risk youth, and people living with mental illness.

Get ready for your Super Serious Holiday - Thursday, December16th.

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