great balls on tires

Super Serious Balls

Super Serious is getting its balls on this week. The amazing Great Balls On Tires truck will be gracing the lot at Smashbox, bringing their great meatballs and other ball-related fare to the show.

Great Balls On Tires (G-BOT) is founded on the universal love for meatballs. Their stellar menu quickly made them one of the city's favorite trucks. There's an impressive variety within the menu, including kobe beef, veal, masala chicken and Korean bbq beef balls. Vegetarians should grab the G-BOT Ballafel, possibly the best falafel in the city.

The truck is the creation of two quality guys, Clint Peralta and Michael Brombart. Their passion shows in their menu and friendly service. Recently, you can find the G-BOT menu several days a week at Villains Tavern in downtown Los Angeles.


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