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The Super Serious Show with The Sklar Brothers

We're bringing in the new Super Serious year with The Sklar Brothers. The great comedy duo of Randy and Jason Sklar will be running the show this month - January 20th.

The Sklars are an awesomely unique and fun comedy team. Their stand-up is a joyful combo of playful and witty comedy. Their unique "tag team" delivery style sets them apart from most comedy teams, more similar to a great rap group like the Beastie Boys. Their comedy goes beyond the stage with success all over, including films and television.

Originally from St. Louis, The Sklars started their comedy career in New York City. Their first mainstream exposure came from the short lived but critically acclaimed MTV series, Apartment 2F.  The mixed-format show demonstrated the Sklars many talents.

Over the years, The Sklars have both developed, written and appeared in many Television projects. Some of their notable appearances include an Emmy Award winning episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, a guest appearance on Grey's Anatomy and HBO's Entourage and FX's It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The Sklars feature films appearances include Wild Hogs, The Comebacks.

Their half hour Comedy Central Presents stand up special is still in regular rotation on the network.

The Sklars are also a well known presence in the sports world. They built a bridge between comedy and sports world through numerous appearances on ESPN and their critically acclaimed comedy series, Cheap Seats, on ESPN Classic.

The Sklars currently reside in Los Angeles. They continue to perform stand-up all over the country.

The Sklars recently wrote and starred in's web series, Held Up. They're also braving podcast land with their fun sports/comedy podcast, Sklarboro Country.

Experience The Sklars for yourself this month at Super Serious.

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