Sketch Duo: Sean Clements & Dominic Dierkes

Sean Clements and Dominic Dierkes, two young and talented comedians joined forces this Summer to create Time for Water, a fearless sketch show that "explores the human experience." They performed the full show at this summer's acclaimed Montreal Just For Laughs Festival. Now Sean and Dominic are bringing some of the highlights to The Super Serious Show. Their promotion of the show states "all aspects of the human experience will be fearlessly explored." Add funny to the profound and I think we're in for a treat.

Starting in New York City, Sean and Dominic have performed together for several years. Sean got his start at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City (UCBTNY). He wrote for MTV's Popzilla and appeared on The Colbert Report and 30 Rock.

Dominic Dierkes is member of the standout comedy group DERRICK Comedy. DERRICK Comedy has a slew of popular internet sketch videos, a several year run of successful UCBNY shows and a sneaky-good self-made independent feature comedy, Mystery Team, under its belt. He now lives in Los Angeles. You can now see him popping up in numerous UCBTLA shows every month.

Sean and Dominic are two of the best sketch performers working today.  Get your tickets to catch the up and coming talented duo this week.

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