Dimo: Reluctant Comedian

Friend of the show and Smashbox Studios favorite son, Dimo is bringing his off-kilter, always funny comedy to Super Serious tonight.

Dimo performs all over Los Angeles, including The Comedy Store and The Laugh Factory. Dimo is an immensely likeable and always on-point stand-up, never shying away from a topic.

Word on the street about the reluctant comedian:

Dimo never wanted to be a stand up comedian.  But, sometimes life doesn't care what you want.  After years of bitching and complaining about everything to anybody that would listen, he finally jumped up on stage.  Now, you can't escape him.  Dimo hopes that his take on life makes you laugh, and be grateful that you are not him.  He also loves to drink milk.

Find out for yourself tonight at Super Serious.

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