Jon Dore: Outside of The Box

Off-beat but always on-point, Comedian Jon Dore brings his one-of-a-kind comedy to Super Serious this month.

Dore's comedy is always thoughtful and silly, putting the focus on having fun with the audience and whatever format he finds himself in. Using his charming stage prescene, Dore deftly toys with crowds, never missing an opportunity to surprise.

Hailing from Canada, Dore established himself as a leading comedian and on-air personality in his home country. Dore made a mark on-air with his stint as a correspondent for Canadian Idol, the spin-off of the popular American Idol television series. In 2006, he won a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Stand-up Newcomer.

Dore gained critical success with his off-beat IFC show, The Jon Dore Television Show. The show combined interviews and randomly comedic tangents.

Dore is a regular performer at comedy clubs across the United States and Canada.

Dore had the honor of being the 1st stand-up guest on Conan and didn't disappoint. His unique set displayed the great combo of charm and irreverance Dore brings to the comedy scene. Check it out below.


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