The Gift of Gab: Andy Peters

This month's Super Serious Show at Smashbox Studios features the return of one our favorite performers, comedian Andy Peters. September 15th, check-out one of the best off-the-cuff comedians working today. Peters' performances feature an impressive combination of jovial and doubting comedy. All brought to you with a reckless abandon.

The Michigan native kick-started his comedy career in Seattle and now resides in Los Angeles. He's a veteran of numerous comedy festivals nationwide. Peters is also responsible for one of the more memorable Super Serious moments. We still just refer to it as the "cookie incident." Let's just say an audience member's cookie may or may not have been misappropriated by a certain stand-up during his performance and this may or may not have kick started a unforgettable back-and-forth between the cookie victim and her perpetrator. Check-out his Super Serious page for more Andy Peters goodness.

Grab tickets to the show for your chance to catch Peters in person.

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