Lost Moon Radio: The Found Comedy of DJ Jupiter Jack

Watch out now – one of the best comedy groups in Los Angeles, Lost Moon Radio, is bringing a sneak peak of their ongoing comedy, music sketch series to Super Serious this month. It’s sure to tilt the fun levels at the show.

Lost Moon Radio is a comedy music hybrid show – each show the audience watches a live one-hour radio “broadcast” from the crazy 1960s remnant, DJ Jupiter Jack. The theory goes – Jack keeps his radio program alive by transmitting from “the Lost Moon of Jupiter.” The show treats the audience to sketches, commercials, radio promos and songs. 

The fun of Lost Moon Radio is its label-defying collection of songs and comedic sketches – all performed live by the group’s seasoned actors and house band, The Moon Units. Live Comedy LA named Lost Moon Radio the show of the year in 2009. The show’s writing and performances are astounding – the quality beyond much of the regular televised sketch comedy these days.

The group gelled quickly since it’s January 2009 creation by Ryan Harrison, Rich Ramber, Dylan Ris and Frank Smith. Their first performance at St. Nick’s Pub was a success, quickly giving them a devoted fan base, critical praise and an instant cult status. Their initial run of shows featured current cast members Lauren Flans, Dan Mahoney, Martha Marion and Matt McKenna alongside Harrison and Smith. The band includes Ramberg and Ris as well as Michael Wells. Director Lauren Ludwig came on board for the second run of shows and continues to steer the ship.

Be sure to come to the special St. Patrick's Day edition of Super Serious to catch a glimpse of the great Lost Moon Radio. Then catch their full show at Cafe-Club Fais Do-Do at the end of the month. We promise you'll be hooked.

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