All-Around Comedy: Sarah Tiana

More killer comedy coming to Super Serious this month thanks to Sarah Tiana being in the fold. Tiana is a nationally touring stand-up and one of the most fun and charming comedians working today. Plus, she’s all-around good people.

Tiana hails from the South. Calhoun, Georgia, to be precise. Her comedy brings her Southern roots to the forefront, along with sly takes on daily life and even the heady stuff. Tiana is a skilled actor and sketch performer. She offered up one of the more memorable characters (Carmen) on Reno 911!. She created a sketch comedy company, The Strait Jacket Society, that helps train your performers. Tiana’s other TV appearances include Showtime’s Jeff Garcia’s Low Budget Madness, E!, TV Guide Channel and Comics Unleashed. Adding more fun to the world, Tiana is also an avid sports fan and has contributed to and currently co-hosts a NFL-related web series.

Check-out Smashbox Studios this Thursday for some Sarah Tiana fun.

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