Comedy Kinship: The Walsh Brothers

Straight out of Boston, Chris and David Walsh are the always unique comedic duo The Walsh Brothers. They've been here for years and bring the funny like few others. The Walsh Brothers don't fit into a pre-labled comedy box. They mix stand-up, sketch and all around randomness to entertain audiences.

Started in 2003, The Walsh Brothers Great & Secret Comedy Show became an underground sensation in the Boston comedy scene.  The brothers brought the show to the 2006 Aspen Comedy Festival, which garnered them high praise. After years of leading the Boston comedy scene, The Walsh Brothers made their way to Los Angeles. They quickly achieved must-see status. A Walsh Brothers show is like no other - their vaudevillian style and frequent audience interactions keep you guessing. Get ready for your dose of Walsh Brothers tomfoolery at The Super Serious Show this week.

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