DJ R-Rated Presents
The Super Serious Mixtape: Vol. 1




Alex Fernie & Alex Berg

Alex Fernie has been performing long form improv and sketch comedy since moving to Los Angeles after graduating from Vassar College in 2004. He was a history major and is happy to prove it. He has trained at both at UCBTLA and IOWest and can be frequently seen performing with his UCB Harold team Sentimental Lady and with Convoy (which holds the record for longest winning streak in Cagematch history.) He's performed in and/or written for many other UCB shows including Smug Rock Nation (which he created), Comedy Death-Ray, Sketch Cram, Crash Test, Quick and Dirty Musicals, Thirty:30 and more. He has also appeared on Reno 911!, Jimmy Kimmel Live and national commercials.

Alex Berg grew up in Connecticut, where there's not much to do besides climb trees and read Calvin & Hobbes. Shortly after getting a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Vassar College, he threw a pair of cargo shorts and a few t-shirts into a duffel bag and drove out to LA. Now, Alex spends the bulk of his waking hours writing, acting, and improvising. Currently, he performs with UCB house team Sentimental Lady and his three-man group Convoy, who holds the UCB record for the longest cagematch winning streak. Occasionally, he shows up on television, in shows like Terriers, Reno! 911, and MANswers. Beyond all that, he's a huge science nerd and a bit unkempt. Deal with it.

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